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Talent Network | promotion | Website promotion I have done a talent website, mainly based in Wuhan Local. Do talent site feel very tired, those several big guys ate most of the share, netizens also basically little attention to small and medium talent network. In the middle of a few times want to withdraw, no flow of anything can not do, but still resist it, and then some improvement, I think based on the local talent site or there is the future of development.

I would mainly talk about promotion. Read iresearch A Talent website report, which the talent site into three echelon, 51job, Grade One, Chinahr, 01hr These second, such as our site is ranked third echelon. I am in the promotion strategy only one sentence: Put aside the first echelon, close to the second echelon, pull big and third Echelon gap. Of course, in fact, for the third echelon of the site, each other's market and business is rarely crossed, basically or each do each.

1. Less keyword ads, do more free BBS promotion. Keyword ads I only put some in Baidu, feeling that this piece of traffic is not much, and not stable, put down, traffic immediately down. Do BBS promotion has a few benefits-targeted strong, the effect is more lasting. I have in the public relations company's friend, specialized research BBS promotion, they once had sold hundreds of thousands of tickets in the BBS. I mean, don't underestimate the influence of BBS.

Specifically, you should first analyze your site's user base. For example, if you are a regional talent station, the main focus on the local BBS talent version, find a few popular best (in fact, very good wrestling election). If you are for the industry's talent station, that nature is in the industry's BBS to do some articles.

One thing to note: Copy+paste is of little significance. Send a post, no one to top you, not to send. My advice is: for different types of BBS, write different articles, do not do not work hard.

2. Search engines and SEO to do a good job. To tell you the truth, this part is my weak point, I am not a technical origin. However, I think the search engine is a small talent site of life-saving straw-people remember 51job, who will remember your domain name?

My side mainly landed a bit search engine, I do an XML, it is directly indexed, and the same as Baidu's news agreement (as if Google also out of Google Sitemaps). I did an experiment, before and after doing this XML, the flow will probably be more than hundreds of IP per day. It touched me so much that I was more concerned about these search engine APIs later on. It's a pity that only developed this agreement. However, we can pay attention to, if other job search has this aspect of the action, we suggest that everyone should be added, it is definitely worth a try.

As for SEO, I do not understand, will not talk about.

3. Campus! Don't forget, the most concentrated of the job-hunting people are the students who want to graduate. So my side of the promotion program has specifically for the campus section. Including the local university BBS in-depth cooperation, and the school association to engage in a number of job-seeking courses, job fairs and so on. This part is more suitable for the regional talent site, the cost is not as high as you imagine, dredging relations more cumbersome.

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