Three front-end frameworks: Angular & react & vue

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Three front-end frameworks: Angular [Google]: a set of frameworks for mobile and desktop platforms. Learn how to build applications with angular, and then reuse the code and capabilities on applications on a variety of different platforms-web, mobile Web, mobile applications, native applications, and desktop native applications. React [Facebook open source] is a javascript library built on the user interface. Preliminary understanding: react can simplify the process of building an Interactive UI. For each status view in your application, when the data changes, the react will update it in a timely and correct manner and efficiently. This declarative view makes your code more controllable and easier to debug. Component-based: Build encapsulated components with react to manage their own States, and then combine them to create a complex UI. Since the component logic is written in Javascript rather than a template, you can easily pass rich data through the application and keep the State outside the Dom. Learning once, written anywhere [reusability]: We do not make assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, so you can develop new features in react without rewriting existing code. React can also use node and function mobile applications on the server. Use react native for rendering. Vue is a progressive framework used to build user interfaces. Unlike other large frameworks, vue is designed to be able to be applied from the bottom up. The core vue Library only focuses on the view layer, which is not only easy to use, but also easy to integrate with third-party libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, when used in conjunction with modern tool chains and various supporting class libraries, vue can also provide drivers for complex single-page applications. Comparison with other frameworks: source and frontend uilayout (similar to the front-end html/CSS part of the bootstrap framework, excluding JavaScript/ecmascript), can be used with vue. The three front-end frameworks (Vue, angular, and react) are a hodgedge: from the birth of angular, 79305379 is the only one in the world, and now the three frameworks are evenly distributed across the world, the basic situation has stabilized. Every framework has its own reasons and background from its birth to its popularity. Different developers choose based on the reasons and background in specific scenarios. How can we choose? Young programmers are curious cats and have played one front-end framework after another. Make a line from the ball, play and play, and finally stir up the frames in your mind. There are too many choices, that is, a troublesome thing. If there is no choice, it is a more troublesome thing. If there is only one choice, it will become super simple. After a programmer learns a new framework, it usually has more advantages. The most common idea at this time is to replace the existing framework, there are no major problems with the existing framework of the Department, and when the evaluation is inadequate, the new framework will have more risks. So the final conclusion is as follows: there is no silver bullet in the technology selection, and no framework can solve all the problems. In this case, to better consider different factors, you need to list important quadrants, such as development efficiency and team preferences, which framework is the most suitable for your current team and project.



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Three front-end frameworks: Angular & react & vue

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