Three functions-array assignment-drop-down list output-take Drive

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# Main {float: left; width: 680px; border: # 0000ff 1px solid; margin: 5px 20px; padding: 10px 100px ;}
# Main p {}
<Div id = "main">
'Option Explicit
Select case request ("actionname ")
Case "search"
Call find (request ("dirname "))
Case "enter"
Call enterdir (request ("dirname "))
Case otherwise
Call showmain ()
End select

Actionarray = storearrayvalue ("search, search, let's go, go ",",")
Drvname = split (showdrivelist ,",")
Response. write "<form name = drv action = find. asp>"
Response. write writeselect (actionarray, actionname)
Response. write writeselect (drvname, dirname)
Response. write "<input type = submit name = action value = start> </form>"
'This function is used to assign values to the array. arrayvalue is the string value to be assigned, and splitmethod is the basis for separating this string.
Function storearrayvalue (arrayvalue, splitmethod)
Storearrayvalue = split (arrayvalue, splitmethod)
End function
'This function returns the drop-down list string. arrayname indicates the name of the input array, and sltname indicates the name of the drop-down list.
Function writeselect (arrayname, sltname)
Dim slt, I
Slt = "<select name =" & sltname & ">"
For I = 0 to ubound (arrayname)
Slt = slt & "<option value =" & arrayname (I) & ">" & arrayname (I) & "</option>"
Slt = slt & "</select>"
Writeselect = slt
End function
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