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Recently, due to the extremely high temperature change, I accidentally caught a cold and found it really uncomfortable after catching a cold. Once again, I really realized that the body is the capital of the revolution, and there is no health assurance. Everything else is nonsense.

I would like to give you three health care suggestions:

I. Don't be reluctant to eat

As an office worker, eating is the most terrible thing. Every day is a combination, a combination, or a combination. Day after day, year after year, I believe your destiny will soon be okay.

Clothing, food, shelter, and travel, less than a famous brand, almost none of which are irrelevant. A regular diet ensures the nutritional needs of the body in order to ensure work efficiency. The body is not guaranteed, and work, life, and study are only things to follow.

We recommend eight reasonable dietary principles:

(1) meat, poultry, and fish once a day.

(2) eggs and beans are required daily.

(3) it is best to have citrus fruits once a day.

(4) vegetables, including potatoes, are required daily.

(5) daily fat.

(6) cereals are required daily.

(7) Sugar is required daily.

(8) one litre and a half of water per day (can be replaced by drinks ).

The daily diet contains five major nutrients: carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. The intake of these five nutrients must be balanced, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort. Properly balance the daily diet, nutrient supply and demand, and maintain a healthy body.

2. Seasonal alternation. Keep warm

Season alternation, temperature uncertainty, cold and hot, most people are always very negligent in keeping warm, always feel that there is nothing wrong, the disease is also very serious, delay work, affect life and study. I went to the hospital to seek medical treatment and get a drop-by-bit break. Then I found that people are everywhere.

In the seasonal change, we recommend two suggestions:

1. Make sure to add or remove clothes.

2. 7 to 8 glasses of water are required for each person a day. (Stress again: water is the source of life)


3. Exercise Regularly

Office workers are busy for one day during the day and often work overtime at night. They don't want to do anything when they get home. After a long time, their health will become sub-healthy and they will be down all day. Moreover, cervical spondylosis has already become the No. 1 enemy for office workers. They work in the lattice every day. Besides the mouse and the computer neck, they are really a headache. As a white-collar person, it is conducive to regular cervical spine activities during working interspaces, adjusting the sitting posture, and preventing cervical spondylosis.

Most programmers complain that they sit in front of their computers every day and exercise less time. In fact, exercise does not take a long time, nor is it a parameter to verify the exercise effect. In addition to combining daily life and labor for conscious exercise, you can also take advantage of some idle time, see the needle, and sneak in and out of the body. Simple activities can be very effective.

If you work well, you can earn more money in real time, and you don't have enough medical fees for the future. It's worse than "bad job. If you do not exercise, the consequences are very serious. This is definitely not a sensation.

Finally, I sincerely wish you good health, smooth work, and harmonious family.


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