Three kinds of creation of JS function, four kinds of call

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1 // Three ways to create a function
2 function one(){ // Function declaration, does not belong to any object, always defaults to global object
3 console.log("first function")
4 //The default is a return this, return the contents of the function
5 }
6 one (); / / must be called; can be called before the function declaration (preprocessing mutation mechanism)
8 var fn=function(){ //function expression
9 console.log("second function")
10 }
11 fn (); / / must be declared and then called
13 var fun=new Function(console.log("third function")); // constructor

1 // 4 ways to call the function
  2 function one(){
  3 console.log("a function")
  4 }
  5 one (); / / as a function to call
  8 var person={
  9 name: "tom",
10 age: 18,
11 speak: function(){
12 console.log("English")
13 }
14 }
15 person.speak(); // function as a method call to the object
18 function num(n1,n2){
19 this.number1=n1;
20 this.number2=n2;// This has no value in the constructor
twenty one }
twenty two 
23 var i=new num(3,5);
24 console.log(i.number1) // The constructor creates a new object, and the new object inherits the properties and methods of the constructor.
27 function myFunction(a,b){
28 return a+b;
29 }
32 var myArry=[2,5];
33 myFunction.apply(this, myArry); //call function as a function method call() and apply() are predefined function methods, apply is an array, call is passed in the argument

JS operation mechanism PROBLEM: (Declaration of Ascension)
1, JS engine in JS will prioritize the analysis of var variables and function definitions! Step from top to bottom after pre-parsing is complete!
2, when parsing the var variable, the value will be stored in the "execution environment", and will not be assigned value, value is the role of storage! For example:
alert (a); var a = 2; This will output undifiend, meaning that no initialization has been assigned!
This is not undefined, wrong meaning!
3, the function will be parsed when the whole definition, which explains why the function definition functions can be called after the declaration of the first! In fact, on the surface is called first, in fact, in the internal mechanism of the first step is to define functions as a function of the first declaration (preprocessing)

Three kinds of creation of JS function, four kinds of call

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