Three kinds of design of the complicated and huge product User Guide system

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Anyone can accept a simple product, because it is easy to get started, easy to use; people prefer simple products because simple things are easy to make and maintain; imitators like simple products because copy is too easy; competitors also like simple products, because on the basis of your product, add an intimate small function, You will be able to separate a large number of users; Monopoly enterprises prefer simple products, a gentle wave, your products to the integration of ...

So, after careful consideration, mining the needs of many users, we developed enough "complex" products, as shown in the following figure (each graph represents a function, the larger the graphics function more advanced)

But how do you accept such a large product for a novice? So all kinds of guidance (guides) take responsibility for eliminating all kinds of initial symptoms.


Such a hint box can be seen in many products, through the fixed program or backstage step-by-step to the user to push a variety of functional hints. This kind of hint effect is not very ideal, accidentally just happens to push to the user interest, and to the user formed some kind of harassment

Fit: New feature reminders, strong notification reminders

Disadvantage: Low efficiency, most of the user will not, irregular

Novice (set) wizard

Novice tasks are heavily used in games and forum products, and the Setup Wizard is used to set up a lot of complex products. Such wizards are usually not mandatory, the user chooses voluntarily, or gives a reward that is valued by some initial user to attract the user.

Suitability: Early familiarity with some of the product features

Disadvantages: Low utilization rate, unsatisfactory effect, some products as a mandatory process, the effect remains to be inspected; usually do not involve advanced functions, so the late weakness


Vision is the range of landscapes that we can see, changing as people move around, so changes in vision can reflect a person's behavioral route to some extent. In our products, even for advanced users, some features are also he does not need, vision-oriented guidance will be through the user's behavior and willingness to judge, so will be more fit with the behavior of individual users.

Organize functions into incremental routes, show them intermediate functionality when users use primary functionality or meet some advanced requirements, and so on. If my contact person is very few, or the contact person all is my schoolmate, does not have the grouping also to be able to manage very well; When a contact reaches a certain number or has a different category, you can find the Relationship Center or Contact Group feature (the dotted circle in the figure above)

Advantages: The most intelligent guidance for low and medium users is "enough, concise enough", will not be used by their own functions to confuse, fully meet the advanced user's "toss" mentality, and can find their real use of the advanced features; The user's in the use of the process, virtually customized a truly belong to their own products

Disadvantages: The system design is more complex, the function points of each line to have a good interface and transition, and to have a suitable advanced rules (that is, can jump to the next function point conditions)

There is a classic example: A park is not the first to repair the road to let tourists go, but first let the tourists go, and then follow the route out of the road. What would the result be if the tourist was not allowed to go first, but rather a written proposal to design the road map?

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