Three kinds of domain names to optimize the advantages of the site and the method of choosing a good domain name

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Site optimization to select the domain name is the first step, and many webmasters in the selection of domain names are in accordance with their favorite to choose, like buying clothes, they like to buy. Some domain names make you wonder what it means. But the domain name now for the website optimization function is not general, moreover if the domain name contains the website keyword, that has certain superiority to the rank. The old domain name also shows certain authority in the weight rank. Today I share the influence of domain name on website optimization:

First, the old domain name more ranking Advantage

General webmaster know to do with the old domain name station, that is equivalent to have a congenital advantage. For the old domain name itself for the site optimization, site rankings have certain benefits. Therefore, in the selection of domain names, it is best to have a certain age, at least have the existence of more than a year of age, so in doing site optimization, you can save a lot of Kung Fu. The old domain to do the station, as long as adhere to a period of time, the weight of natural ranking with it suddenly come up, and in the same two new stations, the old domain name will certainly be the ranking of the new domain name is better, which makes many webmasters often use the old domain name, rather than to register a new domain name, or to see where the domain name expired registration received for use, Because the advantages of the old domain name mercilessly reflected in the site optimization, so it will be so popular, and the old domain name is not easy to enter the audit period.

Second, the short domain name more popular users like

Have a short domain name is to have a wealth, like some two-bit three-bit digital domain value is tens of thousands. and short domain name also has an advantage is convenient user memory, especially some navigation station, super like to use short domain name building station. Such a short domain name enables new users to quickly remember URLs on their first visit. So as to form an effective return visit users. Therefore, the main advantage of short domain name is to experience the user memory. Once you have a short domain name in your hands, even if you do not build a station collection value is very high. And because the short domain name facilitates the user memory, will naturally also give the website optimization to bring certain benefit, is not said that the user experience is the website optimization biggest help? When the user remembers domain name, each visit does not need to search the direct input URL is not better? Therefore, the short domain name is popular because of the convenience of memory.

Third, pinyin domain name will become a popular trend

Pinyin domain name of the hot because of the domestic most fire search. At present, the trend of using phonetic domain name is straight up, regardless of how long the domain name to use pinyin, pinyin domain name for the site optimization can be said to be more and more important, like the 1th said, the domain name has the keyword, then the ranking will have a certain advantage, so, pinyin domain name is also very popular. In short, the use of Pinyin domain name optimization than the use of Pinyin domain name optimization of the strength to save more, the reason is the domain name has a keyword, like a windmill with the wind without people pushing the same, this is the advantages of phonetic domain name. and pinyin domain name in the domestic are more popular, because it is the use of Chinese pinyin, so you can very good use of users know the nature of the site, combined with the site name is easy to remember the site.

How to choose a good domain name method

What kind of domain name is good, in fact, see people see Wisdom Bale. Many webmasters in the choice of domain names are based on their preferences, feel like they are registered, and often choose the domain name is not conducive to the type of site, like the domain name and the type of website is two independent faction, who do not interfere who. In fact, such a domain name selection method is not appropriate, after all, the current domain name in the site optimization also played a very large role. If the domain name contains the keywords of the website, then the optimization is much more convenient, and for the user memory site domain name also has certain benefits. By common circumstances, choose a good domain name should comply with three points:

1) As far as possible to meet the type of site. The purpose of this is to facilitate site optimization and user memory, like Baidu, so that the domain name to become the site's brand spokesperson, like their chat, like to answer other people do not understand the problem, Baidu. and related to the site type in the optimization can save a lot of trouble, two of the same site, a domain name with keywords and a domain name without keywords, ranking can be displayed. Therefore, the choice of domain name is to meet the type of site as much as possible.

2 can be short, short, not short must have personality. Like some navigation stations, like the use of short numbers, then users see this should become a habit. So, can short as short as possible, of course, find a short words, then find a personality, just like a woman station domain name 333444 so naturally special attract the user's eyeball. And overlapping forms are really better remembered.

3 Choose the domain name with age as far as possible. For this is best to some related domain name expired delete site to Amoy, a lot of good domain will inadvertently flow out, as long as their own attention on the line. For the advantages of the old domain name, a lot of, such as 建新 station will not be so easy to enter the audit period, the ranking results quickly, weight promotion and so on. The old domain name is also more valuable, as the saying goes, the home has an old if there is a treasure.

A good domain name role is very large, and appreciation of the space is not bad. In particular, the short domain name, now a so-so three-digit domain name has not been, the transaction price is on the hundreds of thousands of. Therefore, the role of domain name not only reflected in the optimization, but also reflected in the wealth. This article by the Ya-ya theater exclusive feeds, reprint please leave the link, thanks!

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