Three Kingdoms of Magnesium

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first, you should classify your troops into five categories based on the generals you practice:

First, the first wave of assault troops. These troops are dominated by infantry and bows and arrows. If they are Cavalry troops, they must also be co-edited to prevent them from moving in front of them. They belong to group operations and hold them together, it can be carried by the First Login, the high intelligence, or the god of war, the even-level martial arts, but less than 100 of the Intelligence (except the first login) do not bring, first, do not eat meat, the intelligence is not high. Second, when the other troops enter the site, they are easily swallowed up and not attacked by themselves. The first wave is not suitable for sending powerful Mt, because the opposite party is highly likely to lock the highest attack in the back pressure, the MT is easy to be ignored, and even other troops are destroyed, and then slowly eat your Mt. Second, the anti-pressure troops, that is, the first wave of the troops that have been eaten and eaten by each other, can be the main force and often a strong wave of troops, all military commanders can be admitted. One thing to note is that if your high-intelligence military commanders are not intelligent enough, that is, they are only about 240,250-, less than the other's-level high-intelligence military commanders, it is better to put them in the anti-pressure army, more meat can be eaten, because the Middle and Low-intelligence cavalry basically rushed up, and the other's high-intelligence military commanders often compared the back position due to the relationship between the first shot, it won't be an embarrassing situation. Third, it is suitable for raid and attack troops. It does not need to be said that the intelligence is higher than 100 of the Multi-connected military commanders with cavalry can quickly seize a city, often when the other party and their own country cannot fight, raids and attacks on the remote city pool of the other party can achieve unexpected results. Of course, this is based on the determination that the other party's main force has entered the battlefield of the National War and the main force will be placed on the battlefield, in this case, you need to gain a glimpse of the spy number and learn about each other's players. Fourth, the troops of the Battle of China. Shen shot is the trump card of the Battle of China, which is far away from attacks and is not easy to be attacked. The yundun 501 consumes less resources, and each number is composed of 20 groups of yundun 501. If the number is too large, it can impersonate raids. This is also an essential battle for China, since Mt training is difficult for non-r players, it is recommended that you use the infantry battalion to generate a small shield, which can also help the other party's main forces to better protect their country's main forces. The kings of the Battle of China are bows and arrows. When you guard the city, you do not need to care about the troops because they can take one more action than the other. However, when attacking the city, you can take one more way than yourself, we need to configure troops that are relatively fast to move. For example, when I was defending the city, I used a large number of strong luners, which were cost-effective and the attack was not weak. However, when the city was attacked, I was unable to eat meat slowly, therefore, the use of crossbows cavalry can play the role of military commanders with greater efficiency. In the battle of China, the latest troops are generally used as the target of attacks. Unless the gap is obvious, the largest or most troops can be selected for the battle of China. It is always dangerous to go without a military force. 5. The troops that are in conflict with each other, that is, the troops added when the enemy raided the city pool or when they raid the city pool. The troops are dominated by the maximum attack or maximum force of the cavalry lock, and most of them are powerful cyclists, on the battlefield, the power of the attacker can be shuttled to attack each other, and wherever he went, he would be under a tie. It's not necessary to say that the military strategy focuses on the east and the west. After your military commanders are allocated, you can choose to conduct raids or national battles, it is very dangerous to raid without a certain military strength. It is best to discuss it with your own guild or with another Guild, so as to achieve collective action and be successful quickly. This is an amazing use of smuggling. When a hacker can steal the target city and city, do not hesitate to open a trumpet to check whether the target city has a grain truck. If the target city can be stolen, this will cause the other party to lose a lot of food and troops. The maximum number of attacks initiated by the troops of the Three Kingdoms daily changes. In the end, it is more than 500, that is, the above amount of gray is also 501, so when your smuggling troops arrive, troops that launch attacks less than the number of attacks on the day will automatically die. For example, if more than 200 people are displayed in the upper-right corner, when the city is attacked, troops of less than 200 will automatically die. There are plenty of exciting battles in the Battle of Yiling in the seven districts, such as the battle of Wu Chang, AI County, and anchang in shuwu, the Battle of Shu Wu in wuai County, and Wu in, however, the troops had too much time to delay, and of the troops were attacked from afar in anchang. Wu sent the troops in distress and boarded them first, and the cavalry killed the flood troops in. Although they achieved great success, they finally achieved great success, the loss of troops in the SHU state of AI County, however, anchang Shu State barely won in the case of an average strength, making Wu state, the dominant force, lose a city. After Shu Wei joined forces to cut down Wu, Wu's counterattack was impressive. ruyin and An Feng's battlefield Wu earned a lot of troops through precise anti-pressure measures, the Beihai and Xuzhou battlefields on the eastern line are also quickly redeployed through the strategic superiority terrain of Dongwu. Through the dual-port scattered enemy troops, they are equally well defended. Finally, we will introduce the more practical and cost-effective weapons: infantry: it was the best choice to hit Qingzhou in the early stage, and there was a short training time with attacks and low costs. Little shield's Light Infantry Gray was also very important, in the early stage, there was a high-tech martial artist, and all the troops were very fierce. In the middle stage, the price/performance ratio of Danyang was not as high as that of Qingzhou, but at this time, Qingzhou soldiers could no longer cause too much harm, danyang's attack capabilities and relatively short training time are the best choice. If you train your team first, Danyang is the right choice. In the later stage, MT was used to defend against high blood and high blood. If MT was not used, it was a good choice to log on first or use other military commanders to output infantry. At this time, Danyang's output could no longer satisfy the need to destroy the first team, the training time of jinfan is 2 or 3 minutes longer than that of Danyang, but the attack power reaches 80. The full-length editing is sufficient for the output of the First Login or other infantry Association generals. Other infantry are not recommended, long time, low cost performance; Light Infantry without output needs, gray sea is very important. In addition: transport troops are produced in the infantry battalion. Do not forget to generate more transport troops and transport vehicles in the early stage. What kind of mood is it when your grain burst warehouse but there is no car to pull... Bows and arrows: the most cost-effective is that the former army can be used in both the middle and later stages, and it runs relatively fast, and the defense is slightly higher, you can put the first row in the list of cavalry bandits (gongke ride, riding the K step, and stepping the bow); the second is the shooter, and the armed forces are definitely the king of the Battle of China, ultra-High Attack Power and ultra-long range can ensure stable output. During the defensive war, the strong Archer looks very good, and the 55 attack power can also cause considerable damage with the number of full lines, you need the crossbows and cavalry to attack. Without this type of troops, your high-intelligence military commanders will have difficulty playing the dynamic role, and the attacking will reduce the mobile space, the mobility and high attacks of the crossbows cavalry have become the protection of meat. Cavalry: the most cost-effective model is Whitehorse yicong, but I did not recommend it in the early stage. I also recommend light cavalry, which reduces training time by more than 1/3 and is cheaper, the attack power is sufficient for the wild city and the early battles. When the light cavalry fight the wild city, Gao Zhi Wuzhi will carry the symbol of eating meat. During the middle stage, the bandit training will also bring Gray, which is a necessary weapon; after the grain and money in the middle and late stages, the cavalry barracks can play a large number of White Horse yicong, and 75 of the attack power is enough to make them scan any weapons. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness is extremely high and suitable for bulk production hoarding; when capable of producing xiliang iron ride and hubao ride, I do not recommend it unless it comes with special requirements, such as xiliang iron ride when MT is used, dual-belt tiger leopard ride to kill Mt, etc, generally, the output white horse is sufficient. I am in a grain-and-mortar city where the infantry and cavalry are built, the infantry produce transportation troops and ash, and the light cavalry follow the main forces to eat meat through the attacking power and power advantages, when light cavalry reaches a certain number, the attack power is very powerful in the early stage.

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