Three major factors to be controlled by the chain

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How to do outside the chain many stationmaster all understand, on-line this aspect of the tutorial is also more, but if control outside the chain, indeed many stationmaster more confused place, even has many erroneous zones, then how can we do to the chain and the website effective combination, lets the weight unceasing transmission come in, below I will share with everybody, My three years of experience in the chain of construction!

In talking about how to control the chain before, we must first understand a truth, otherwise you can not understand what I said below, the truth is: to do outside the chain promotion, in fact, is cheating! is for the search engine cheating! Therefore, we do outside the chain when we must put this "harm" do a good job, or once the betrayed, will be Baidu, Google found that when the light is down the right, heavy K station, regret!

First, the promotion should be balanced

There are three aspects to the meaning of equilibrium:

1 is linked to the site to balance the column;

Outside the chain can focus on the column, but absolutely can not be organized, no plan, or once the column outside the chain too much, causing Baidu attention, he will check whether you are cheating, if your means is not brilliant, it is likely that Baidu will be punished!

2 is issued outside the chain of the place to be balanced;

The chain must imitate the real reprint, that is, where all hair, can not only be published on a class of web sites, such as, only blog, send classified information and so on, such practices in the early days of Baidu will not leave you, once you do the number of large, your site is also dangerous, so the external chain release must be balanced, Everywhere hair, hair, the more the more chaos, the effect will be better!

3 is the release of the cycle to be balanced;

Do outside the chain must simulate the real outside chain growth, draw up a graph, do not release every day outside the chain are the same, this will easily lead to your chain growth chart too straight, easy to be search engine attention, judging you for the chain cheat!

Second, the outer chain should be moderate

Do outside the chain must abandon blockbuster practice, do not want to one months in the chain to do tens of thousands of, you can shout loudly one months to do tens of thousands of content, but do not say one months to do tens of thousands of chain, or you will die very miserable. Because Baidu in the calculation of the number of chain, for a short period of rapid growth of the site, will be calculated and audited, once found that your time and your outside the chain is not proportional to the time, your site should be miserable! So do outside the chain must be balanced, appropriate!

Third, the mentality should be concealed

This must be about mentality, the mentality of deciding everything, if you think that the chain is aboveboard, that your chain will certainly do well, must be deeply aware of, do the chain is cheating, only in this way can arouse your attention, avoid to go into the chain of misunderstanding. So remember, hidden, imitate the real outside the chain of growth, do some fake, concealed some, do not be Baidu found, if you really do this, your chain can certainly do very excellent!

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