Three most common yoga misunderstandings of fitness reminders

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Misunderstanding 1:
Exercise as a warm-up

Some yoga instructors use aerobics as a warm-up exercise before yoga. This is not desirable because after aerobics, the body is in a excited state and cannot enter the meditation State required by yoga.
In addition, the excitement of the body after aerobics can easily lead to excessive yoga movements, resulting in various injuries. In formal yoga courses, "Japanese style" is usually used as the preparation action to make the joint muscles relaxed and soft.

Misunderstanding 2:
Exercise at home

There are many yoga enthusiasts who do not have time to go to the training ground or for other reasons. They like to exercise at home by taking tutorials such as CDs or books. Ling hong, coach of a bodybuilding club in Foshan, pointed out that this method is not advisable, especially for beginners.
She said: "When you practice, you will focus on the pursuit of Action itself, and the pursuit of results ignores meditation and breathing ." If yoga learners do not know their bodies and their limits, they will fall into blind exercises to increase their chances of being hurt.

Misunderstanding 3:
Just sweat.

After a yoga class, you should have a good feeling of being physically and mentally integrated, it is a signal of physical injury. After each course ends, you should provide yourself with a questionnaire, ask yourself how you feel, and see if the limit is exceeded. In this way, you can develop an exercise plan to achieve the best effect.

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