Three most important questions for renting a Hong Kong server

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Three most important questions for renting a Hong Kong server

Another year has passed, calculate their own to do this IDC industry has more than four years, on the site to summarize the overseas server rental needs special attention to a few requirements, the Hong Kong server rental as an example!

1, leasing Hong Kong server first must consider the first condition, the bandwidth is sufficient

Hong Kong International independent bandwidth costs relatively expensive, 2M international exclusive How to say also about 30,000 a year, than the cost of the server rental itself may be higher, can withstand the customer is not many. The main points are: Many IDC business said that their own exclusive is 2M, more bizarre or 4M exclusive! This is absolutely not possible! This may give you an absolute guarantee. This is sincere to deceive customers, with this bandwidth to make a fuss! I've talked about this point before. You can change someone and go straight to him. International exclusive bandwidth fee you'll know the truth.

2M exclusive IDC business costs are more than 20,000, you rent a server is 120,000, it is impossible to have any IDC business to do this loss. Lose the server money also to pay the bandwidth cost to you. Typically this means that the server-to-switch bandwidth does not have anything to do with the international exclusivity that it refers to. You can also give you more than 10M, but from the computer room to the international line you are 1M international lines are not. Due to the international line customers are unable to correctly test out the true international line. A lot of small IDC on this to make a fuss, can cheat one is one. So if you have very large server traffic, you need an overseas server. This is not recommended for you to use Hong Kong, you can consider using the United States server, the United States to China's fastest server ping value of up to 180MS speed is still possible, mainly the United States bandwidth is very large. Enough for you to choose. If you have funds to support the use of Hong Kong's servers, increase the bandwidth of 2M 5M is generally sufficient. The increase of 10M customers is mainly considering the late expansion of use.

2, renting Hong Kong server to consider the second condition: to provide the server IDC business has the strength!

The most obvious is whether you can arrange the company technician on-site to the Hong Kong computer room directly maintenance server. Many customers ignore this detail and cause serious consequences! It is simple to note that the services rented in Hong Kong are hosted and rented as overseas servers.

The first is the version of the issue is the Chinese people do not want to see, in Hong Kong is the difference between the original and pirated, do not think of your pirated system and data have Hong Kong computer room technician to help you operate the view, this hope is not realized.

Second, in Hong Kong computer room sweeping workers have more than 8000 HKD, technical staff are 20,000 to one months. In general, it does not help you to operate any server internal operations. If you need to see the server error Reason: 1500 Yuan an hour to charge. The Night is billed at $3000 an hour. There must be fewer people who can accept the cost.

Third, IDC and the use of the machine room is the whole cabinet rented together. The engine room is only responsible for power supply and restart the server. Charging with a reload system these operations for some other reasons to be solved by IDC itself.

So it is very important that the co-operative IDC has technicians sent to the machine room to handle the site. As far as I know, the overseas IDC first brand network ERA in the technical staff to do a very sufficient, in addition to contracted in Hong Kong in the computer room, there is a full-time technical engineers stationed in Hong Kong. Some customers rent a problem remote can not be charged to reinstall the system, one is 2 3 days before the operation. This requires that IDC has the ability to arrange technical staff to the computer room, and to ensure that the computer room when it is very important.

3, Hong Kong server shelves operation process is transparent!

Many customers spend ten thousand or twenty thousand a year renting a server or sharing a virtual VPS server with others. Or has come over the 34 old server, often due to hardware problems caused by the old customer unnecessary losses. In two convenient is the Hong Kong server operation use more! The most loss is the price of a standalone server to use the virtual server, the server is not very understanding of the customer is difficult to find out whether it is a standalone server or virtual server.

But there is one of the simplest way to introduce to everyone: 1. To watch hard disk, as virtual server hard disk is not shared, CPU and memory VPS Virtual Server is can be shared! So the hard disk less than 80G or 160G 95% is a virtual server, based on 80G of hard disk 07 market has not been purchased, 160G hard disk 08 has been retired from the city does not produce. Now the Shenzhen market 250 is the bottom of the 320G difference of dozens of yuan. 160G is secondhand than 250G is more expensive than 100 yuan. Who do you want to buy a 80G hard drive to do the server? Because the VPS master server generally with 1000G hard disk, service providers in order to more than a few virtual host General sub-80G, if the price of more than 160G to the cost. This server is no title can be discussed, virtual how to give customers? The second problem is used server This is very simple, if the IDC business one payment can be shelves good server if it is a separate server is generally two mobile phones, customers have spent two or three years, now do not rent, put in the computer room. Your payment will be transferred to you immediately, the stability of this server depends on your luck.

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Three most important questions for renting a Hong Kong server

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