Three qualities that a good system analyst should possess

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We are talking about the software war between China and India. In fact, there is no debate. We are too far apart! But not ours. Program Lack of system analysts, especially high-quality system analysts. How important is a system analyst for a software project? The following case can be explained:

An industry requires a remote project reporting and management system. The first system analyst took 10 programmers for a year and a half, and spent 0.3 million yuan to smash the project, the reason for failure is actually quite grievance. Because data collection and analysis are required, the system analyst chooses Pb + oracle as the technical route, and remote users use the local Oracle database, synchronize data between databases through a floppy disk or telephone line. However, the user finally proposed that the system should be able to process images and formulas, and be able to typeset like word! It is too difficult to implement the word function in the database. The project can only be re-launched and the system analyst can be replaced. After careful investigation, the new system analyst adopted jiefo flowmis as the development platform, used Excel and Word as the user interface, and remotely transmitted office documents by email, take out the data required in the document for summary and analysis, and complete the project within two weeks, and the user is satisfied.

In the above case, we show three qualities that a system analyst should possess: understanding customer needs correctly, choosing the right technical direction, and persuading users to adopt suggestions.

"A correct understanding of user needs" is the most important quality for system analysts. This requires system analysts to have certain industry or management experience, or to quickly understand the customer's ability to work. In other words, you must have a wealth of experience and insights. In this case, the first analyst carefully analyzed the various forms and requirements provided by the customer, but did not have a large amount of access to the actual user data, in the past, users' actual data was processed in Word and Excel. There are a large number of charts, formulas, and typographical forms, and industry users are very concerned about the appearance of documents, however, these questions were ignored by system analysts and were not raised to users. However, due to limited understanding of the software, the user could not discover the problem on his own. As a result, the project chose the wrong technical direction from the very beginning.

"Choosing the right technical direction" is self-evident for system analysts, but it requires extensive and experienced system analysts. For example, in the previous case, system analysts should be able to gain insight into the limits that the database can handle, understand the fields that exchange, notes, or flowmis are good at, and anticipate the potential of the B/S or C/S mode to meet user needs. problems, master the advantages and disadvantages of various development tools. This may be too demanding for system analysts, but choosing the right technical direction based on user needs and adopting appropriate platforms and development tools is the key to a successful project.

"Persuade users to adopt suggestions" is easy to ignore. Currently, rich domestic users have a hard waist and can't help but put forward a lot of unreasonable demands due to low computer level and chaotic demands, as a result, programmers are forced to implement some technologies that Microsoft cannot implement. As a result, the development cycle is delayed and a large amount of resources are wasted. In fact, it is very important to persuade users. system analysts must have strong communication skills and persuasion skills. After correctly understanding the customer's needs and selecting the correct technical direction, they can persuade users to adopt suggestions, give up some unreasonable requirements or superfluous functions, so that project resources can be concentrated on key functions or technologies, and can be smoothly implemented according to their own ideas.

Of course, programming skills are still the basic skills of system analysts, but for a good system analyst, anything other than kung fu may be more important.

Experience: although the above content is not long, it is very profound. At present, the current situation of China's system analysts may not be objective. The three articles of the author are brilliant, and they are also the direction of their own efforts! Come on!

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