Three reasons and solutions for the lack of virtual memory in win8.1 system

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1, infection virus

Some viruses take up a lot of memory space when they occur, causing the system to have a memory problem. Quickly to antivirus, upgrade the virus library, and then the anti-virus measures to do a good job!

2. Improper setting of virtual memory

Improper virtual memory settings may also lead to out-of-memory problems, under normal circumstances, virtual memory size of twice times the size of physical memory, if set too small, it will affect the normal operation of the system program.

Workaround: Right click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties". Then, on the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the performance box, switch to the Advanced tab, and then click the Change button in the Virtual memory box, then reset the virtual memory size, and reboot the system when you're done.

Virtual memory files are in the system disk by default, such as WinXP virtual memory file named "Pagefile.sys", if the system disk space is too small, resulting in insufficient virtual memory, there will be insufficient memory problems. The system disk must retain at least 300MB of space, of course, this value depends on the user's actual needs.

Users try not to install a variety of applications in the system disk, to ensure that there is enough space for the use of virtual memory files, and it is best to put the virtual memory files on the system disk.

3, because the system user rights are not set properly

When Windows system starts on the NT kernel, the system user creates the virtual memory files for the systems. Some users use the NTFS file system for system security, but cancel the system user's "write" and "modify" permissions on the systems disk, which makes it impossible to create a virtual memory file for the system, and an out-of-memory problem occurs when running a large program.

Workaround: Just give the system user "write" and "modify" permissions, but this is limited to users who use the NTFS file system.

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