Three steps to complete the configuration of the Vista wireless network card

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Since the birth of the VISTA system, its unique interface and humanized design have attracted many users. However, because it is a new operating system, it is difficult for those who are familiar with the XP system to master its system configuration. The following article will teach you how to set up a wireless network card in Vista.

Vista wireless network card configuration: install wireless network card

We know that many drivers are integrated in the Vista system. Therefore, drivers are basically not required for general PCI and cartana wireless NICs. After hardware is installed, the corresponding driver is automatically installed on the computer. The USB wireless Nic cannot be directly installed using Setup in the driver. Instead, you must manually specify the driver folder during installation by updating the driver in the Device Manager.

Vista wireless network card configuration: Configure wireless network card

After the NIC driver is installed, configure the Vista wireless Nic. Right-click "Network Neighbor" and choose "properties" from the pop-up menu, you can enter the "Network and sharing center" window (1 ).

Figure 1

Click "view status" to enter the "Network Connection status" window. Here, you can set basic parameters such as the IP address, gateway, and subnet mask of the NIC. Click "OK" to close the window, and then click "manage wireless networks" in Figure 1. Then, the "manage wireless networks" window is opened (2 ).

Figure 2

Click "add" here, select "manually create network configuration file" in the pop-up window, and configure the network card in the pop-up wireless network connection configuration interface, including the SSID, encryption status, and security password of the network card (3). The network name is used to identify the Service Set Identifier of the wireless device, the value must be the same as the SSID Number of the front-end wireless router. The security type and encryption type are the security settings of the wireless network, and their types must also be consistent with the security settings of the front-end router. After setting, click "Next" and click "Connect" in the window to establish a wireless connection with the wireless router.

Figure 3

Vista wireless Nic configuration: Manage Wireless Networks

If you have multiple wireless network connections, you can click the menu at the top left of the "Network and sharing center" setting page and click "manage network connections, on the displayed page, click "Connect" to display all connected wireless networks. Right-click the connection. If the corresponding parameters have been set for the wireless router, then, the network adapter can establish a normal connection with it. In addition, you can also directly send the wireless link to the desktop. Then you only need to click the wireless link to create a fast link with the wireless router.

Through the above method, we have completed the configuration of the Vista wireless network card, and then we can establish a connection between our wireless network card and the wireless router, so as to enjoy the joy of the wireless network.

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