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Sometimes we need to save the screenshot, but the trouble is, some pages are not only a screen size, but need to scroll to display all the content of the Web page. If you use the traditional screenshot method, you have to scroll one time to cut the picture, and then the many pictures cropped up to merge together, very troublesome. Here are some recommended screenshots of the method, it completely avoid this trouble. Everybody wants to choose according to the actual situation which oneself encounters.

 Scrolling screenshot Complete Save

In fact, want to screenshot, through QQ and many other software can be completed. But these software screenshot function is relatively single, cannot complete the page complete screenshot and so on complex operation, therefore this time still needs to use the specialized screenshot software. Here take FastStone capture software as an example, after running, click the Seventh button in the toolbar, the Capture scrolling window command. Then move the mouse to the top of the browser, when the browser's edge shows a red border, click the left mouse button can be a screenshot operation.

After the screenshot is completed, the editing window is displayed, and the picture can be edited by the related commands. If you do not want to edit a simple screenshot, then click the "Save as" button in the toolbar to save it (Figure 1). Here need to specifically note that the page in the screenshot before must stay at the top, otherwise screenshots software will not be able to scroll down the operation, so that the capture of the picture is only the current content of the page.

  Cloud screenshot Simple and convenient

Of course, some users only occasionally need screenshots, this also requires a special installation of a professional screenshot software is more trouble, this time we can use the cloud to operate. First in the browser, open the URL to Image site (url:, in the page "Enter a URL", enter the link address to intercept the Web page. Then click on the "Convert" button at the back, and the page will show "Make, please later" prompts. Wait a minute. When the page tip disappears, click on the "Document Download" button to save the captured image to your local hard drive (Figure 2). However, this method also has a flaw, because many sites need to log in before they can browse, then use this method to intercept will only show the page's Landing page content.

 Use extension to solve problems

If the previous two methods are not very satisfactory, you can also try the browser's functional expansion. These extensions will greatly extend the browser's functionality, including screenshots of the Web page. If you are using Google Browser, first go to the "Chrome online App Store", search to find a feature called "Silhouette screenshot" extension, the installation is completed in the toolbar will see the extension of the icon. In the future when you need to intercept the page page, just click on the extension icon, and then in the pop-up menu, select the "screenshot of the entire page" command. Wait a moment the browser will open a new tab, and in the right window you can preview the effect of the interception. If the effect is satisfactory, then click on the "Save" button in the list on the left to save the picture as a PDF file (Figure 3). Finally, the PDF file is converted to any desired picture format, and the corresponding screenshot is completed.

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