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First of all, I am not a web developer, nor do I know the testing tools for browser performance and speed. I rarely use chrome for Web Front-end testing, I want to talk about the chrome user experience from the perspective of general users. I. How did I install the Chrome browser first? Of course, I used the IE browser, But I have long been bored with the speed of IE and a window after which I installed Firefox, chrome didn't seem to have come out yet. After Firefox was installed, I immediately liked it. I liked its simplicity, speed, its many tags, and many applications, firefox has been used for quite a long time. Later, chrome became increasingly popular, and everyone followed suit in downloading. They all said that the speed was very fast. At that time, they didn't really care too much about it. An occasional opportunity, to use Google Earth, I downloaded Google Earth, which is bundled with chrome. I downloaded it together. I just wanted to try it out and see how amazing it is. 2. Double-click the Chrome browser at the beginning. The startup speed is indeed faster than Firefox. It may take dozens of seconds for Firefox to start up when it is slow. I can only say that the interface is more concise than Firefox, more friendly, and began to slowly like chrome, and then began to look for the Adblock plus and speed dial I have been using in Firefox, found that some Firefox, chrome all have, in addition, speed dial is more beautiful in chrome, but Adblock plus is not useful in Firefox. It is also Adblock plus. By default, I use Firefox in potatoes, no advertisements are available for videos in Youku, but there are advertisements in chrome. I tried to intercept the video, but I found that the entire player was no longer blocked, I still don't know why, so I usually use chrome on my website. I use Firefox when I watch online videos. Of course I use IE when I access the internet, in short, chrome gave me a good first impression. 3. minor issues during normal use 1. I used to double-click the tab in Firefox to close the current tag, but it won't work in chrome. It's not very convenient if it's not the rightmost side of the key tag. 2. if you can customize the length of the address bar, I will shorten the address bar and move the bookmarked column to the same line as the address bar. In this way, the interface will be larger. Now the address bar is very long and it seems a waste of time. 3. download items in chrome. The download bar will appear at the bottom of the browser, but the close button of this download bar is at the rightmost. I usually put the input method icon in that position, so I always need to remove the input method icon to close the download bar. 4. there seems to be no prompt for the Chrome browser upgrade. I usually click the "about Chrome browser" option to know if there is any new version, I don't think there is any upgrade description after the upgrade. 5. For Chrome browser memory usage, if many extensions are installed Program After several web pages are opened, the task manager will see the program chrome.exe process. These processes add up to a considerable amount of memory and hope to be in the memory.

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