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PPT has now been inseparable with our life, with the software more and more powerful, more and more sophisticated functions. Sometimes it is very cool to see a lot of advanced techniques used by the master to make PPT. Below, small series to share a few PPT master necessary tips, not only tall, but very practical.

  1, a variety of demonstration functions

Stand on the podium without handouts, trembling in the heart? Before the lecture, was it time to calculate? Say: "No!" In the powerpoint2013 (365) Slide show bar, these features will make you perfect from rehearsal to presentation.

The rightmost monitor feature can be set to display on the screen facing you. While you are demonstrating to the guest, you can see the outline notes, the next slide, the timing, and the various function buttons you've written, and stand on the podium.

Set the items in the bar, provided to the speaker temporarily hide the page function, the speaker can also through the timing function in the speech before a good summary of their own language, or even directly record a satisfactory narration, to assist their own on-the-spot play.

The left side of the show bar you should be familiar with, from the beginning is still the classic "F5", not too much surprising. But have to mention the online demo this feature. This to offsite or multiple PPT demo has great help, accept the agreement will pop up a URL, will be sharing the URL to any network of devices, through the browser can be implemented in a PC on the show, many devices at the same time to watch the function, very practical!

  2, a variety of formats to store

I believe that this feature in the finished PPT will be used, to the new office interface may not be familiar with, but also pay little attention to the function, there are a few features are really very powerful worthy of recommendation.

In addition to. ppt. pptx. pdf these are the storage formats that have been implemented in previous versions of Office, support for video formats is an exceptionally powerful feature. The video has the highest support for 720P MPEG4 encoding format and can also be attached to the audio you rehearsed before. If you are a teacher, when you have a sore throat and still insist on PPT lectures, it is your best assistant.

 3. Auxiliary function

Also click on the file > Information > Check questions, there are three options that can be used to indicate what people with disabilities cannot read, check the elements of the document for Office 97~03 version (i.e.. ppt) Support, delete personal information in the document (without compromising the file elements).

Is it a very good thing? If you want to be a PPT master, these advanced skills can be necessary oh!

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