Three types of overlay tutorials for Photoshop layer styles

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In this article we'll learn about the three stacking options in Photoshop layer styles, which explains the settings and effects of color overlay, gradient overlay, and pattern overlay options, which is helpful for PS beginners to learn about the PS layer style.

One, color overlay

This is a very simple style, the effect is actually equivalent to layer coloring, you can also think that the style above the layer with a mixed mode of "normal", opacity to 100% of the "virtual" layer.

For example, add a color overlay style to such a layer and set the overlay "virtual" layer color to green and the opacity set to 30%.

You can get this effect:

Note that the color after the style is added is a mixture of the original color of the layer and the "virtual" layer color (the blending mode here is "normal").

Second, gradient overlay

The principle of "gradient overlay" and "color overlay" is exactly the same, except that the color of the "virtual" layer is a gradient rather than a flat piece. In the gradient overlay option, the blending mode and the opacity and color overlay settings are exactly the same, and are no longer described. The extra options for the gradient overlay style include gradient (gradient), style (style), zoom (Scale), and here's a one by one explanation.

Gradient (gradient)

To set gradients, click the Drop-down box to open the Gradient editor, and click the Drop-down button in the Drop-down box to select from the preset gradient. After this drop-down box, there is a "reverse color" checkbox to swap the start and end colors of the gradient.

Styles (Style)

Sets the type of gradient, including linear, radial, symmetric, angular, and diamond. These types of gradients are intuitive, but the "angle" is a little bit special, and it rotates the gradient around the center of the layer 360 degrees, which is the angle of the polar coordinate system, and the principle is the same as the "linear" gradient that is formed along the x-axis in a planar coordinate system. Like what

If you clear the Reverse check box above, you can get the following effect:

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