Three types of stocks expected to continue to strengthen

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Three types of stocks are expected to continue to strengthen:

First, the colored plate, including gold and rare earth and other small metal varieties. The main reason is that the relevant varieties have been adjusted after a relatively low, followed by the ECB or the QE policy will be introduced, this is a good for the resource unit, and once the true today the colored plate will continue to strengthen;

Second, the military and aerospace sector, I believe that the conflict in Burma is not enough to cause the collective strength of the military sector, but in the current market lack of hot spots, as well as the state-owned enterprises reform discussion is about to enter the final conclusion, the relevant varieties or can get funding short-term attention, today is expected to maintain the continuation of the rise;

Third, the real estate and related infrastructure sectors, including the belt and road Tiegangki and nuclear power varieties, the central bank yesterday, a small water 50 billion, combined with the previous renewal of the MLF operation, in the short term at least to the market to release hundreds of billions of liquidity, which for the current economic downturn is undoubtedly a boost, The real estate sector, which has the most stimulating effect on the economy, is expected to continue to strengthen.

Three types of stocks expected to continue to strengthen

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