Thunder offline download How to retrieve the small tips of the file

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Thunder offline download How to retrieve the file tips:

In the Thunderbolt application there, there is a thunderbolt offline, point to select the resources you want to retrieve, and then have a local back on the line. In general you download the process, click Offline Download, it offline download will automatically help you retrieve.

Show the cloud download completed waiting for the word back, click on the left side of the offline download, and then select the file Point blue button to download

Related questions read: How to download the "cloud" side of the offline task to retrieve the local?

A: Select the task to download, and then click "Download to local", you can download the file to your computer through the Thunder client. You can also right-click the download task, select "Save Target as" and use the browser to download it with its own tool.

Thunder offline download How to get back? "net friend Best Answer"

Thunder offline Download is the first you want to download offline files to the thunder of the official server, and then by you from the Thunder of the official server download files, this is mainly to ensure your downloading speed. After all, from the Thunderbolt official server download file speed is guaranteed, if you download files directly without downloading the function, there may be speed is not stable or slow, with offline download is to avoid this situation.

Download file Retrieve:

Open the Thunder left corner has a your thunder number and level

Click on the VIP

Pop up a Web page

Click Privileges and Features

An offline download appears

Just a little bit more and you can see your download task ~ ~

Click the name to choose which folder to download to the local

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