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Thunder Online Games Accelerator free version of the use of Thunderbolt patented accelerated technology, support more than 2000 popular games, so that you completely farewell to delay, card machine, drop line and other issues, enjoy easy games!

Interface optimization:

1, the pre-loading interface is turned on

2, optimize the accelerated failure to guide users to better repair and solve problems;

Remaining optimization points:

1, World of Warcraft launch can not start the game problem

2, counter-Strike into the game times wrong problem

3. Logical optimization of Login selection node

4, Mode 2 after disconnecting, the problem of accelerating the failure again

5, some machine installation accelerator card dead 91% problem

6, some circumstances will lead to travel 3 crash problem

7, to solve some machine installation accelerator, causing other software to start slow or card dead problems

How to install the Thunderbolt online Accelerator?

Double-click the Thunder Online Games Accelerator installation package, run Setup program.

The installation program will eject the Game Installation Guide window, according to the window prompts select "Next" to continue

Click on "I accept" to continue

Choose the online game Accelerator installation location

Click "Finish", the online game accelerator installed successfully, such as the "Run" check will start the online accelerator.

Update log

Air: Adhering to the "brisk, concise, speed, custom" design concept, will be the old version of the Thunderbolt Online Accelerator Pro, from the code layer began to streamline optimization, to user interaction and interface style design, to carry out a comprehensive transformation.

New features:

1, a new interface design----thin such as wings, simple as ice, like a proud tour of the vast universe of spacecraft, free from gravity, speeding up the voyage;

"More graceful and simple interface design, removal of complex and repetitive elements, will accelerate the first time presented to you."

Main interface: Show only the games you need to accelerate (you can toggle other games in the lower left corner); 2, the original drawer-type interaction----focus, clear levels, like pulling out a drawer, show you the required functions;

"There is no longer a myriad of cue boxes in front of you, everything is in time to make the acceleration more pure."

Personal Information + Time Machine (cumulative acceleration time view):

Acceleration Settings + Game Customization information (currently only some popular games are supported):

Other content for your own digging Oh ~

3, faster start speed and game acceleration----speed fly, accelerate to force;

"The only second accelerator on the market, in some cases the acceleration process is even so smooth and sluggish."

After several months of code optimization and refactoring, more excellent software architecture, let the accelerator broken cocoon and born, free from heavy bondage;

A large number of test data indicate:

Air version up to 200% faster than the Pro version

Accelerated link response up to more than 250%

4, more look forward to----more features are attacking;

"Patch acceleration, game skin, etc., more features are being developed in secret"

The air version of the first edition due to a large number of new features require the player friend to help us verify, so many of the pro version of the features did not transplant, we will gradually enrich the function of the air module, but because of the new architecture, even if the future add more features, the accelerator will still show strong performance Look forward to everyone's trial;

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