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The company's bandwidth is relatively fast, if it can take advantage of the night company's bandwidth to download the resources they want, it is a very pleasant thing. But there are some resources on the network, less popular, download is not fast, wasting the company's bandwidth. In fact, as long as the use of offline download and in the Thunderbolt set up a good planning task, it can be very good high-speed download, better use of the company's high bandwidth! Moreover, this program does not interfere with diligent colleagues of the Internet, and then will not be complained of network management blockade or even administrative penalties.

First, search resources offline download

We first open, enter Reyou account number and password, authentication code (Figure 1), click the "Login" button to log in.

Next, when we search for resources in the Thunder dog, we can see the offline download button below the resource on the download page (Figure 2), and click it to download it offline.

Figure 1 Login Thunder member for offline download

Figure 2 Downloading resources offline on the Thunder Dog

Small Tips

★ If you do not have Reyou account number, you can click on the "Login" button on the page of the 1 "registration" buttons to register the Reyou, and then through the following methods to upgrade to membership.

★ As an important value-added services, to use offline download, must be a member of the Thunderbolt. If you are not, you can click the "Open now Member" button on the page of Figure 1. After that, enter Reyou's account number and password, and follow the wizard to upgrade to a member. The member opens the payment channel to be many, moreover is very safe, buys the member service more, also may have more concessions.

★ Upgrade to the Thunderbolt members can also enjoy more benefits, such as the realization of shielding off advertising, for members to accelerate the practical functions.

Second, set up high-speed download mode

First we want to download and install the latest version of the Thunder 7, and then select the "Tools" → "Configuration" command, and then click the "Network Settings" tab, and then select "Download Mode" under "Download priority mode" (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 Setting the high speed download mode

Third, ready to download offline download task

Since we have previously added offline download tasks, after a period of offline downloading, they should have been completely downloaded. But at this time offline download resources are saved in the offline download server, to download to the local, but also need to login (may need to enter the Thunder account, password and authentication code), then you can see the offline download task interface.

In this interface, first click the "Downloaded" link at the bottom right to view the resources that have been downloaded offline. Click the "Select All" button on the lower left to select the resources you want to download. Next, click the "Download to local" button above (Figure 4). At this point, will pop familiar Thunder download window (Figure 5), set up the download folder can be.

Figure 4 Preparing to download offline download resources

Figure 5 Downloading offline download resources

Because it is from the Thunderbolt offline download server download offline download resources, so the speed is particularly fast.

Use good planning tasks without delaying colleagues

Generally speaking, the company's speed is relatively fast, especially at night, colleagues are off work, the speed of the special line must be very cool, sometimes can achieve exclusive 10Mbps level. But we have to take into account early to work colleagues, if our resources at night do not finish the morning is still eating bandwidth, their morning work will be affected. However, we can use the Thunder built-in planning task function to solve this problem.

1. Set Stop task time

Click the "Schedule Task" button at the bottom left of the Thunderbolt 7, select the "Add Scheduled Task" command, and set the "Pause All Tasks" (Figure 6) after x hours. This time to calculate accurate, such as the current time is 6 o'clock at night, morning colleagues to work at the earliest 9 points, the difference is 15 hours.

Figure 6 Adding a scheduled task

2. Turn off the shutdown function after downloading is complete

If the resource download is complete, in order not to let the Thunderbolt "empty". We can click the "Schedule Task" button to select the "shutdown after download complete" checkbox (Figure 7), so that the Thunderbolt will automatically shutdown after downloading the resource.

Figure 7 Turning off the shutdown feature when the download is complete

3. Set Power Options

Because it takes a long time to download resources, you are concerned that the power options for Windows affect the download, so you must set the appropriate settings: select start → settings → control Panel, double-click Power Options, and then click Power Schemes to turn off the monitor, Turn off the hard drive and system standby items all set to "never" (Figure 8). If your computer is a laptop, be careful to connect the power supply to prevent power outages in the middle.

Figure 8 Canceling system standby

Five, enjoy the company bandwidth to achieve high speed download of resources

Next, press Win+l to lock the machine (set the account password in advance, play the protective role), and turn the monitor off (to conserve energy). Because we set the high speed download mode, so we can full throttle, so that the company's bandwidth to make the best possible.

If the offline download resources are all downloaded, the Thunderbolt has been automatically shutdown, can save a lot of energy and cost. If the download is not complete, the Thunder will stop all tasks at the specified time, and will not affect the use of colleagues ' network.

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