Thunderbolt file name contains the offending content how to crack?

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Thunderbolt file name contains the offending content how to crack? When the Thunder download hint file contains the offending content, cannot add to the high speed Channel and the off-line space time, we still have the solution. Previously can be resolved by changing the file name, now has been closed, then we will change the way.

1, in the Thunderbolt right click on the download file/seed can be, click "Copy Magnetic Link"

2, download 115 browser and install

3, use 115 browser input, and login (if there is no account, you need to register first). If the 115 network disk members can use any browser to open, non-members, please use 115 browser to open.

4, click the file

5, click Offline Download--> link task

6, Ctrl + V or right button to paste the first copy of the magnetic link, click Start Download.

7, after the successful download of the following diagram example, click "->" view

8, download the file you need to pay attention to the right click on the "Ordinary download", select "Thunder Download"

9, so you can no longer need to use offline and high-speed channel can also get high-speed downloads.

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