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The Thunder everywhere advertisement, occasionally pops up the Thunder information and the movie News window and so on, really is annoying. Thunderbolt members can be set to remove ads, but not to pay the non-Thunder members, can not be expected? In fact, Non-members can also be on the Thunderbolt 5 on-demand customization, below the version for example demo.

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Get rid of two annoying ads

Suppose the thunderbolt installed in the "J:program filesthunder Networkthunder", in turn into the "profilesusers***" folder, where the "* * *" is the Thunder account nickname, if not, you can register. Using Notepad, open the Vipsettings.ini file and find the following:






Thunder_minisite=0 said to close the Thunderbolt information, Skin_type=1 said to use ordinary skin, Skin_name=default said the default use of classic skin. If the file does not exist, you can create it yourself. Next, add the following on top of the first_login=0:






Main_ad=0 means to close the main interface main ads; New_task_panel_ad=0 means to close the ad in the new panel; Xunlei_tip=0 said to close the film and television news; Welcome_panel=0 indicates that the welcome interface is closed. Save the file after restart after Thunder, will find the main interface of the ads have no, Thunderbolt information, film and television news will not jump out again.

Member Skin free use

In turn, enter the "J:program filesthunder NetworkThunderSkin2", respectively, into the DeepBlue (Blue Sky member skin) and red (flame) subfolder, open the Package.ini file, which vip= 1 change to Vip=0, save and exit.

Next through the "tool → replacement skin" can be a smooth replacement of the member skin, the Thunderbolt will not be prompted to open the information of member Services.

Throw away the Useless toolbox

The bottom left corner of the Thunder main interface, provide a system of vulnerability repair, installed prerequisites, software upgrades, film and television entertainment, such as four toolbox, mouse click can be a key to install, although this design is greatly convenient for the novice users, but for users who do not need, it is easy to mistake the trouble of operation.

We can remove these toolbox from the main interface, and then go to the J:program filesthunder Networkthunderprogram folder, Use Notepad to open the Thunderui.xml file, and between the part of all delete, the other content does not move, and finally save the file and restart the Thunderbolt.

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