Time is the best effort, and effort is the best of yourself.

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Only determined to take the first step, no matter how much repression did not choose to give up, toward the goal of their own hard run past, the big deal fell on the climb up, to the end of the time, you will know that the original imagination of the simple actually thorns, but through the rough and hardship will let you in the future to appreciate.

Yes, our eyes of those so-called successful people, seem to have the characteristics of not concede, as long as there is a heart to think of things to achieve, they try their best to fight, even if the way again difficult to go forward.

As the village Haruki said: There are irreparable and irreversible things in the world, and time passes is an irreversible thing. Perhaps, not to take time is the best effort, and effort is the best of their own.

A lot of people on the status quo are not satisfied with tens of thousands of, but like to take "let nature, go with the flow" to comfort themselves, perfunctory life on the road of thorns bumpy.

But I do not know, really let its nature, is to do everything possible after the non-demand, rather than the hands of a stand of omission. Instead of complaining about the present life, try to change it.

Perhaps you have a person around you as a goal, trying to stand on tiptoe, to touch his height, because of their mediocrity, so will go to envy those who go everywhere with light, appreciate their people, acting style, feeling they are not surprised in life, walk with ease.

In our eyes as if their life is only green light, can go straight, there is no so-called obstacles and bumps, but do not know the bright and beautiful behind is actually sweat and tears to get along.

So you in the on tiptoe hand over again feel exhausted, even if your heart to his position still yearning, but also finally chose to give up, because of the desire for comfort and laziness. But what you do not know is, in fact, as long as their own hard to jump, it is possible to hit the top of the pyramid, more likely to see different scenery.

Time is the best effort, and effort is the best of yourself.

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