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"How to understand" chunks of prime time "and" fragmented fragmentation times "

In fact, time management in two words:

When I create value, my concentration should be very focused, then the interference value should be reduced. When creating value, often in "big prime time" occurs, rather than 1 minutes to create value, so try to do your time in this time period cost twice times the value of things, rather than think of what to do, this is why many Chinese are industrious, but can not be rich in wealth for reasons , because they have been doing time-cost times, or even lower cost returns, for example, in order to get an egg for the opening of the supermarket, preferring to queue up for an hour in the morning for the supermarket to open.

When I am not creating value (walking, eating, toilet, driving), you can do some compensation to improve their time quality, such as the use of audio materials (such as Himalaya, everyday sounds, lazy people shuwang and other apps), to listen to some open-minded science lectures audio, this kind of time we call " Fragmented time of fragmentation. "

"How to play a good chunk of golden Prime" "

At work, as well as the big time in the night to study alone, when we need to do the first step is to reduce the source of interference, visual interference source, the source of auditory interference, to prevent frequent switching between multiple tasks, because task a switch to task B is required to adjust the time cost of the state, So the advantage of reducing interference is that we can save the time loss of state adjustment, and do things efficiently.

But when it comes to doing things, it's also a matter of choosing what you're most worth doing. That is the high value of things, rather than simple things, please understand the meaning of "prime".

"After-work" debris time "use"

After work time, to work before the time, this period of time is not in the creation of value of the area, so we collectively referred to the time off, then off-hours of "debris time": Waiting, transfer, bus, walking, buy vegetables, cooking and other small pieces of time, how to improve their quality of life? The answer is to use the audio app to "fragment read" through listening.

This kind of knowledge system lectures everywhere: Rom thinking, Xiao Song said, a seat, horse not all du, Wonderful said, Lang-ping financial lang eye, Winter Wu theory of relativity and so on.

The fragmentation mechanism of reading is conditional: That's what you hear about the knowledge architecture that you know, not what you don't know, if you have to listen to the French version of "Miserable World", the German version of "Harry Potter" and the BBC's standard speed version of the day news to show your high-force lattice, Your own knowledge structure can not keep up with the hearing gap, it will let you waste this time, these audio materials, but it becomes your burden, even if you do not have the slightest growth, but it is noise.

So here is the use of the road time to learn the student family a suggestion: If you must use this fragment time to learn, it is only a review of the nature of learning to verify their knowledge system loopholes, rather than preview the nature of learning to increase their knowledge (this effect is odd), this is the use of debris time skills.

"Important parameters for efficient learning: Focus"

Another antonym of time fragmentation is: focus, the English word of concentration is "pay attention". Pay is the meaning of payment, that is to say: your attention is paid. This is where you need to understand that you either pay a high value on something, or you pay a low value on the return.

"The essential cause of" distraction "

The brain is a receptive to fresh stimuli, so once the search beyond their own understanding of the information, it will be extremely high and exciting, and the modern information society is precisely the use of this, "Bo eyeball marketing" to disturb everyone's attention.

In fact, "rape your attention", a variety of distracting your attention, so that your attention to attract fun, sensory stimulation, no content content of the information, rather than give you to really learn valuable things, Silicon Valley Spirit Idol KK's book "New Economy, new rules" mentioned in the future of advertising will be free mandatory play , but you have to pay to get rid of the ads when you don't want to see them. What you pay for is to save attention, to change the continuity of time, not to fragment your own time.

"How to reduce the distraction"

So time management is, in a way, an anti-social play, and I'm going to use my own attention (with my brain, to control my brain) to counter the distractions of society.

So the things you can do, sometimes really simple:

Bring on the sound-proof ear hood to reduce noise disturbance to you;

Take a notebook to the meeting room for two hours;

The phone enters mute, flight, or shutdown status.

Unplug the network cable, turn off QQ, web version, news browser;

Look at only one screen at a time, and then let your creativity go to the best possible level.

"Why am I trying so hard, or useless?"

Social people come to society, and social interaction in exchange for the resources they want, so many people think that my time management learning is not good, I what what did not learn, so study this, study that, and then very hard blind busy, finally still outweigh the candle.

"You just look hard" "rich and expensive son" and other articles, they are explaining a problem: you go to this society only to cultivate two most essential things: your inner cognitive structure how to see this century, your external social relations network structure how to obtain resources,

The bridge between the two is your ability to be trained, you through your ability to consolidate their own inner cognition, while through their own ability to solidify their social structure. So a lot of things are not only time to solve, if you do not understand the way others acquire wealth, according to the efficiency of your current ability, will push the show: do not eat not to drink 100 years, in order to buy a room in a simple rough struggle mode.

So when we rethink the time management, the question we need to think about is how to use time to do something efficient, rather than to do what looks like hard work, which is actually a lazy thing.

The first: to restructure their internal cognitive structure, when your heart becomes incredibly strong (the heart of successful people are very tough), only then, you will not appear in action when the internal impedance and emotional consumption, in order to increase your operational efficiency, when you do one thing, hesitate, others have done. There is no right or wrong in the inner cognitive structure, bandits have the cognitive logic of bandits, Rogue has the cognitive logic of rogue, scientists have the cognitive logic of scientists, businessmen will have businessmen's cognitive logic. So how you see the world, determines the way you access resources and the means. In fact, many people are stuck in the "say a set, do a set" of the dual cognitive structure, so can not do "know the line of unity", when his need to act on the goal, and his cognitive concept of conflict, will occur in the impedance of hesitation.

Second, optimize my social relations structure, let my social relations structure diversification, and then information exchange, can encounter more feedback and interaction, let me better understand my expression, my ability is not get the other side's response. I don't know if you've ever heard of it: your income is the average of the income of five best friends around you. In fact, that is the concept, how you understand the way of wealth acquisition, can be in your social network structure, find a living case. and different ways of resource acquisition determine the efficiency of resource acquisition, if you are in the structure of social relations are the same level of people, then you will take it for granted, and when you become a member of another circle, understand the other circle of people in the acquisition of resources, this view of the collision, the spark of thought , it will allow you to arrange a variety of knowledge, create new ideas, and these need to use different industries, different level of social relations structure to check. Why "was originally poor" is actually speaking of this truth, the teacher's children or teachers, the children of civil servants or civil servants, businessmen's children or businessmen, because the social relations institutions to bring you the resources to gain benefits and obstacles, has virtually decided your development destiny, so this is what you can understand: life and inequality.

Third: tamp down the capacity bridge between the two relationships. If you were given a task to give to an entrepreneur who had not seen "from 0 to 1", what was the book about? How would you describe it? This is your challenge from the circle of reading groups to the circle of cross-border and entrepreneurial groups. And the bridge in the middle is your ability to express and communicate. When you become a member of a circle and have the ability to interact with people in another circle, your ability to express and communicate will be greatly enhanced. So how to interact and exchange information in different circles, your writing ability, PowerPoint presentation ability, speech communication ability, coordination ability, organizational ability, and the ability to exchange thinking skills, is very important. So we will see a lot of office workers Learning Mind Map, learn to draw, learn English speaking, study health, study this learning that, and then look very big, actually not. Because if you learn this skill, do not for you in the optimization of the social structure of resources, optimize your inner cognition, and enhance your ability to do the slightest change, although you are an expert, although you are also sharing, but any can not replicate the experience, is actually a person in the self. This is why we see that the programmer of software development is self-high, 100,000 lines of code to write, and then the customer said that does not meet the requirements, need to be overturned; the customer complains that the developer is incompetent and the developer complains that the customer is an idiot, which is actually a problem with the communication between the two sets of knowledge systems.

"How to save time: Understand other people's intrinsic values"

If I want to save time efficiently, I have to think about how people interact with each other, how I think about the synergy of the organization, how I collaborate with this society.

If you reverse the structure, reverse the process, the reverse of human nature to do things, the final price will be very big, and the corresponding time cost, efficiency is missing will be a great loss, this is why many people to the middle of the time of various obstacles, the cause of the progress of the project.

Let's start with the values, how do you stand in his shoes or your own vision and communicate with each other as a middle-class leader and a different employee? How to open a mouth, you can let the other side to serve you, and then everyone together to achieve the goal, which is to save time and time to play the game.

This is a summary of the values of the vast majority of people, you can see a variety of values, so each value corresponds to a different inner logic and language system, outward is different behavior patterns.

You can see different values, opposites are all about the same:

The opposite of independence is security;

The opposite of wonderful is tradition;

The opposite of achievement is kindness;

The opposite of power is fraternity.

So this is a lot of middle-level leadership will encounter a lot of confusion, when I and my subordinates to talk about these principles, the bottom of the subordinates do not eat this set, especially Gen Y, more powerful.

Then this kind of middle-level leadership has to face such an awkward state: would rather be a person to do more than a subordinate's work, but also do not want to encourage subordinates to cultivate the reasons for good. This is the way you can not communicate, but also many organizations internal friction, because I do this thing, subordinates do not agree. So procrastination is the way, you let yourself, you let your subordinates, to do what he does not agree, so efficiency can be high?

"The blind spot about procrastination: why some people just don't have procrastination"

I have read more than 10 books, but they are similar to do experimental comparisons, but never a time management, specifically told who did not procrastinate, the efficiency of ultra-high, you are not aware of this problem? The book will only tell you: you twist a tomato clock, you come to a four-quadrant, you take one step at a time, it is done, but why some people have procrastination, some people do not, how to explain?

So we can actually find this kind of members in movies, cartoons, animal world, war movies, they are: Hackers, ninjas, agents, spies, Jinyiwei, entrepreneurs, and so on types of people, the animal world is a wolf, the world of war is Spartan warriors, Western troops, special forces and other high-efficiency killing machines.

What are their characteristics, what are the traits, have you seriously thought about the problem?

They are single-goal-oriented, and have a variety of capabilities, short Lance Cannon 18-like weapons are proficient, and they can call to a lot of resources, and in their own identity as honor.

The most important thing is that every time they complete a project, they can get a huge benefit reward. The long-term accumulation of huge contrasts between great hardship and small returns, whether spiritual or material rewards, can lead to procrastination, even if a task is done without any remuneration compared to ordinary commuters.

So remember this picture, when you interact with others in the future, you will get more efficient resources more than n times:

That's what Steve Jobs said: "Follow your heart, only you follow your heart, you re-out of your action to-DOS, your action efficiency will be faster, you only give different values of employees, subordinates, in line with their values, To explain the vision of your project's goals, they will work on their doom. Instead of subordinates do not work, the manager is very bitter forcing himself to stay up late to catch up with the progress.

Of course, we also need to be aware of: if you lack of capacity, can also cause procrastination, because the impedance is too strong, so know what you can do, what not to do; it is very important to know what your subordinates can do and what not to do, and if you use it, you die, so why are some managers getting bigger Why some managers bring a project, the team less, with a project, the team is less important reasons.

So as a manager, how do we assess, understand, recognize ourselves, and the ability of team members to distribute? This is the next round, and we are talking about the ability to use in the workplace.

The following is an example of a competency assignment:

The following are more than 40 abilities, some of which are your passive abilities, some of which are your active abilities,

Some are the ability to be cultivated on your side, and others that you do not want to touch.

So how do you know the distribution of your abilities?

Please do the following self-test games with me: Draw the fields on your white paper.

Then fill in each lattice with your favorite, the ability to match the status of the distribution.

Do not want to use, very good area, in fact, represents: early in life when you struggle to learn, now no longer use the skills;

Not very good, willing to use the area, actually represents: I am interested in such skills, and has been devoting energy and time in deliberate practice.

Remember that each blank lattice can only fill in 4~8. That is to say: "The ability to be very good at and willing to use" can only be 8, the other is.

The above map of abilities determines what you do to procrastinate, what you do not procrastinate, what skills you need to learn, and what areas of mine you need to avoid.

"Job Example"

Finally you give me the homework, should be such a style of homework.

The corresponding differences are:

Other words:

Core competence skills, you use, will increase the sense of honor;

The ability skills of the comfort zone, you use, will increase the sense of security.

Potential area of ability, you use, will increase the growth experience;

Mine area skills, which you use, are increasing frustration.

So if your backlog is listed and you find that some skills are unfamiliar in the minefield, you have to procrastinate because it's too painful.

For managers and HR, if you want to give outstanding employees the sense of honor, give him the core of the work;

Give old employees a sense of security and make them work in the comfort zone;

To the new staff to practice practiced hand, let them do the potential area of work;

How to expel the employees of the old fritters, to do mine area work.

"Ability is divided into high and low: how to exercise Ability"

So here's the problem, I'm sure everyone has listed their skills, right, so have you ever thought about it? own position, or superior position, subordinate position, what skills are required, what skills are core, what skills are not necessary, have you ever known? Because even if you are strong, others are weak, we all have these four competencies in four quadrants. And the corresponding jobs are actually matching degrees, so this is a concept? Your ability needs to be migrated, the skills you are not good at, slowly to the potential area, moving toward the core, because the ability is also high and low distinction.

So the distribution of your ability is what, I can basically guess what level you are, what the industry of the office, because you can from your ability to push back your levels and the characteristics of your post.

Next, let's talk about how this four-block capacity distribution is played.

"How to explore your own competency advantages"

As a manager, you have to learn how to develop different career paths for employees of different ages.

"Professional career recommendation for diligent Old ox employees"

The capacity of the core area + the capacity of the comfort zone = Your retreat,

If you do not want to dry, then use these two skills, can give yourself a meal, the general recommendation has been married, gave birth to the mother, can be competent for their work, but the energy is not in the company, need to leave some energy in the family, then this play.

"Career recommendations for young, vibrant employees"

How young people play, is to try to play in their own potential area, play out tricks, combined with their core skills, and then the conditions to combine into their own personal brand. Then they will be the company's middle-class reserve staff.

"Career recommendations for core staff"

They are in charge of the company's core business, is the most effective of a group of employees, then you need to give them a high challenge, high pressure, but also high income, high welfare, and high sense of honor.

"The layoff plan of the old fried fritters staff"

If HR feel that there are employees who are not suitable to stay in the company, then you can give him do not good at what he does, increase his frustration, kill each other's flatulence is a very good plan to increase his sense of crisis, in disguise forced him to resign, is also a very good plan.

"How do you practice the capacity map?" 】

So in which area does the learning of skills make the most sense of accomplishment?

In fact, we most need to practice the mine area and the potential area, is not surprised?

How to practice the mine area, find the master who has been to the mine, teach you one to the other. Potential area how to practice, increase their own growth experience, self-confidence with. So many people in the formulation of the annual plan, the month plan, do not know how to match their ability to exercise proportions, some all practice mine area, some of the full potential area of practice, some all exercise comfort zone, some all practice the core area, the results of the annual plan is different. This is why many people's annual plans fail. This is also a lot of companies only work staff, regardless of the last appearance of the project line with staff can not be deep-drawn strategic issues.

"Finishing touches: How can you use your ability to pry external resources?" 】

In the beginning, we say that you come to this society by using your own inner cognitive system to understand how the society works, and then build your social network to get the resources you think, and the middle channel is what we are talking about now. So what you need to think about is: which ability can change the structure of my social relations, which ability, can bring me more wealth, which ability, can make my inner cognition system more powerful. If you do not follow this idea to re-build their ability to distribute, you are trying to give you 100 years, it is useless.

"To do things that can change your destiny, not to stick to simple things."

So we can see sweeping cleaners, getting up early at four or five every day, do you get up early? Foxconn's production line operators, the efficiency of high to amazing, you have them high efficiency? The poor can stick with the power for one months, do you have them perseverance? Those skills that cannot change your destiny are useless for you to keep. Because your time is cost-and your social-networking structure is cost-aware.

So you do 100 things every day, the todolist look very busy, but another way to understand, you just to live to live, but I only do one thing today, but this thing can change my fate, improve my skills, optimize my social network, will directly indirectly change my destiny , which one do you think is more efficient?

"The high-level gameplay of time levers: making common rules"

In the same time, we talked about the system cost at the beginning, many middle managers are doing things, every day looks bitter haha in the busy, in fact, in the blind busy, because you did not improve the skills of subordinates, optimize the team's communication model, improve the company's process improvement, optimize communication costs, speed up project completion, Improve the quality of these efforts, so these unseen time costs, system operating costs, and strategic costs, if you do not make a fuss, you will be hundreds of hours, thousands of hours of time spent.

So what are the benefits of doing this? Is that everyone is very comfortable, open one eye, until one day loopholes were found, plugging loopholes can not gamble, and then only let the corresponding firemen come and go to the fire, so firefighters sometimes is that not only for our mistakes wipe the buttocks, but also sacrifice their lives, over the death, accidental death, Then we found that the pit filled, and peaceful, hang a temporary status, exhausted which the staff of the establishment of good. So understand the principle of time lever, you can in a link, tilt up hundreds of hours, thousands of hours of time costs. (More information: can focus on the public platform: eight games, reply keyword: cost)

"Invisible time Cost: a loophole in the system"

At present, small and medium-sized enterprises and developing enterprises, they are always in a certain period of development bottlenecks, always feel that the cost of operation has been high, but it is difficult to find the location of the cost, we call the "hidden costs", which is the "time management" in the Heart: first, the conference costs. Second, procurement costs. Third, the cost of communication. Four, overtime cost. V. The cost of talent flow. Six, job dislocation cost. Seven, the process cost. Viii. the cost of stagnant resources. Nine, enterprise culture cost. Ten, the credit cost. Xi. risk costs. These are the essential phenomena that devour your time, the middle-level leadership, the need to think about how these "invisible time costs" need to be reduced, is your contribution to the enterprise.

"How do I efficiently invoke team resources?" 】

What is high leverage, then, is to make rules that are common to everyone, and then not to generate friction and delay. Here I recommend everyone read "Traffic law" see, on millions vehicles, common use of urban road resources, how to do not congestion, not internal friction, not cross-departmental problems, then these cooperative cooperation, independent operation, how to deal with, can learn a lot of details. You can twist a few nails, even if you're a hero, but if you work with a team, the output your team can make will be several times the leverage effect. So many leaders, many high-level do not understand these invisible rules, resulting in the company's operational layers of multiplication, inefficient, and then slowly consumed by death, it seems that everyone is very busy, but it is useless.

"How to meet: Robert's Law of Procedure":

Look at the Robert Rules of procedure, how the company meeting, the first generation of the Chinese version of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's translation,

Because the law-enforcement movement failed, so let him retreat three years thinking about the cause of failure, found that the initiator of different values, inconsistent views, interests are not the same, so one to the meeting on the quarrel, and then each dry, this is the Chinese organization in an easy to form internal friction do not do things the essential reason.

Then we need to look at how Westerners deal with this conflict of power, interests, and opinions, and then study how Americans meet, how to reach consensus, and find this very important Robert] rules of law.

Of course, any set of systems is in need of institutional costs, and if a good system is to be run by bad people, then the system will go wrong. So Chinese train tickets look cheap, but the price is that you have to stay up in line to buy, then the cost of the price of the difference will be released through the cost of time.

Similarly, as a company's leader, how to make the Cock silk counter attack? In fact, it is very simple, according to the rules, as long as the cock silk strictly according to the rules of the step-by-step, it is possible to reverse attack. And the rules are not rigorous, there may be people drilling loopholes, then the various unspoken rules appear. In the same way that your ability cost is not up, only through the cost of time, capital cost to pry a certain kind of resources, this is the cost and logic of the operating system.

This real thing real-life down the hundred-year-old shop, and the world's top 500 to formulate the system norms, is a very worthy of learning, it is worth reference to the case.

"The Essence of Time management: from scarcity to abundance"

And I give you the topic of time management, is to say: from "scarcity" to "abundance", and everyone to share, how to use the technical way, to pry the time lever, this understanding it people most understand.

Management guru Drucker said: Time is also a resource. But if we use reasonable technology for support, we can pry the resources of time. And how to pry this constant resource, I did some of the above description. The book "Scarcity" tells us: Why are busy people getting busier and poorer people getting poorer? Even if the person is busy for a time, the poor people a sum of money, the end result or they return to the original.

When we kidnap our attention by something that is urgent and unimportant, our "cognitive bandwidth" drops and then causes our "executive control" to drop and then do things that are less and less effective. Because they do not learn how to allocate time rationally, how to rationally distribute their attention, so that they do not have the extra energy to think about the long-term things, and make long-term decisions. (Details: Follow the public number: eight games, reply keyword: Scarce, show you the details)

The book "Abundance" has a core view: Any resource dilemma, we can eventually pry through the technical angle, so our problem is: what technology to pry what resources?

The "Resource Revolution" book is the social change we are experiencing now: hungry, dropping a taxi, ticking carpool, lightning dog, Uber, Little Dragon Bus, what are they doing? Integrate fragmented resources, then build platforms and integrate resources into a shared economy. Therefore, these are through other aspects of resource integration, to break through the time dilemma and one after another practical cases. Attached to the tick carpool, I have carpool 165 times, so the advantage is that I usually take 1 hours of bus to go to the subway time loss, the results carpool help me to take 20 minutes to fix. So we can see a lot of handy courseware efficiency lever, to save us a variety of time resources. How to use the good and reasonable, will make your time virtually more out.

"How to use the Internet to organize mass reading method"

Now there is a reading group called the Calf Club, which is the use of such a cluster reading method.

Play is very simple: everyone together to study, Exchange reading notes: With a person's reading notes, pry N Many people's reading notes, so you can get n+1 of the total amount of reading notes. You read a book alone, you need one day, then you can only read more than 300 books a year, but I let 100 small partners to read together, a year may be thousands of books. Because their reading notes, it is likely to help me read a book, so the efficiency of reading will help me save n more Buy books, choose Books, pick the book time.

Reading to the last interesting is, two different books together to see common points, such as the "Kingdoms" and "from zero to One", "union", "hard" together to see. This is the expansion of the "cognitive bandwidth of thinking", and once your thinking decisions are not trapped in the "scarce" cognitive bandwidth, your strategic decisions, action plans, will be very creative, and the motivation is very efficient.

When your ideas are expanded, you can have a variety of ways to deal with the same problem, the feeling is: you are proficient in all kinds of programming language development master, what is the characteristics of the project, with what to develop the language of the most convenient, the most effective, their own ways; but if you only speak one language, you will fall into the development dilemma, will be very tired and tired. So the intangible consumption of time, is used to fill their brains are not good use.

Be Yonghui

Public number: eight games

Time Management Heart

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