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There are usually two types of Timed Shutdown commands used: shutdown-s-t 36001 hours after the active Shutdown (3600 seconds) at shutdown-s self active shutdown the computer system Timed Shutdown: the shutdown.execommand of Windows XP comes with the shut-down program shutdown.exe. There are two types of shutdown commands that can be used by the program at a specific time:
Shutdown-s-t 3600 automatically shut down after 1 hour (3600 seconds)
At shutdown-s automatically shut down the computer
System Timed Shutdown:
The shutdown.execommand is run on Windows XP with the shut-down program shutdown.exe.
→ Attachment → command prompt ". You can also create a shortcut on the desktop.
Enter the "soft" shutdown command.
To shut down your computer at, click Start> Run and enter at shutdown.
-S. The "system shutdown" dialog box appears at, with a 30-second countdown by default and
You are prompted to save the file.
-F: forcibly close the application
-L: log out of the current user.
-R: Shut down and restart
-T time: Set shutdown countdown
-C "message content": Enter the message content in the shutdown dialog box (cannot exceed 127 characters)

Unveil the magic of Shutdown
Shutdown is a widely used shutdown command program in Windows operating systems. By collecting
A large amount of data and practices, such as comparative analysis, found that Microsoft's latest Windows Server 2003 Operating System
The shutdown command in the program has more abundant and powerful functions. It not only facilitates the management of
Local computers, and more flexible management and monitoring of remote computers. Today
The data switch is introduced to everyone and shared with friends.
Shutdown enables you to shut down or restart one or more local or remote network computers at a time.
The general syntax for the shutdown program command line format is:
The following describes the/batch number switch function.
I. Shutdown Functions
Number of workers function: Disable the computer.
Quota function: After the instance is shut down, the computer is started again.
Renewal: cancels the shutdown operation (only valid within the time-out period ). /The number of a shards can only match/m
[Url = file: // computername] // computername [/url] is used together.
The "remote shutdown dialog box" is displayed ". The/I option must be the first number of partitions.
All partitions are ignored.
Quota function: cancels the current user immediately without a timeout period. You cannot set/L and/M [url = file: // computername] // computername [/url]
Disable local computer (not a remote computer) without timeout or warning. /P can only match/d
Start to use. If your computer does not support power-off,/P will shut down the system but will not cut you off
Computer power.
Enabled: sleep the Local Computer (assuming that sleep is enabled ). Only/h and/F can be used together
Quota function: Agree to record the cause of unexpected shutdown on the target computer
Quota function: disables running applications without warning users in advance.
Warning using the/F option may cause unsaved data loss.
/M [url = file: // computername] // computername [/url]
Quota function: Specify the target computer. It cannot be used with the/I option.
/T xxx
Timeout: Set the timeout period or delay to XXX seconds before the restart or shutdown to make the local console
Displays a warning message. The range you can specify is 0-600 seconds. If/T is omitted, the default timeout
The duration is 30 seconds.
/C "Comment"
Batch number function: enables you to stare at the reason for shutdown. You must first use the/D option to provide an original
Because. The gaze must be cited in the reference. It can contain up to 127 characters.
Number of workers function: displays help at a command prompt, including the main reasons and times defined on the Local Computer
List of causes. You can only type shutdown without any help.
/D [P:] XX: yy
Quota function: lists the reasons for the system to start, shut down, or shut down again. The following table describes the sequence value.

Ii. Example of a shutdown Application
1. Disable or restart the Local Computer
(1) shutdown/S/D 1:1
Wait 30 seconds (default) before the start of the operation, there is no plan to shut down, the main cause is that
Hardware ".
(2) shutdown/R/T 60/d 1:1
Wait one minute to start running the scheduled shutdown and restart the active master.
Because of the "application", it is secondary because of "installation ".
(3) shutdown/P/d p: 1: 2
Wait 30 seconds until the computer is powered off and the operation is planned.
Hardware ".
2. Disable or restart the remote network computer.
(1) shutdown/S/M [url = file: // computername] // computername [/url]/d 1:1
After waiting for 30 seconds (default), the unscheduled shutdown operation is run, which is mainly caused by the "hard
The secondary reason is "maintenance ".
(2) shutdown/R/M [url = file: // computername] // computername [/url]/t 60/d p: 4: 2
Wait one minute to start running the scheduled shutdown and restart the active master.
Because of the "application", it is secondary because of "installation ".

Iii. Postscript
Among the many shutdown metrics,/s,/R,/D p xx yy,/t XXX is the most frequently used and useful.
This makes it easier for you to manage local or remote network computers. Of course, you need to use these measures
First, you must obtain the permission to shut down the computer locally or remotely.

Timed Shutdown command-Shutdown

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