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The entire Earth is divided into 24 time zones, each with its own local time. In international radiocommunication situations, for the sake of unification, a uniform time is used, known as universal Coordination (UTC, Universal-time coordinated). UTC, like Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, Greenwich Mean time), is the same as in London, England. In this article, UTC and GMT mean exactly the same.

When we do web development, we often deal with some time formats.

There are basically 3 of cases:

For example, the server is located in the United States (UTC-6.00), the company in China (utc+8.00), customers in Hawaii visit (UTC-10.00)

Then we have several possible ways to deal with it, such as the hope that all business has been China's time standard.

When a Date object is serialized, it becomes a string "2014-11-19t23:00:25.571z" or "2014-11-20t07:02:20.6001565+08:00"

The difference is in the last word, z means this is a UTC time, +08:00 means it is a time with jet lag (local time) we can calculate UTC with 2014-11-20t07:02:20.6001565.

By default, JavaScript's json.stringify will convert our time objects to a UTC time, the "2014-11-19t23:00:25.571z" format.

The new Date ("string") translates the cost of time when it encounters the "2014-11-19t23:00:25.571z" format.

In JS where you serialize, deserialize back, the value of the time object is the same.

However, when we communicate with the server, we should pay attention to.

For example, when I use Json.NET, the jsonconvert.deserializeobject<list<datetime>> (JSON) is deserialized by default;

It does not make special conversions for UTC time, and so on.

TimeZone time Zone (JS. NET JSON)

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