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Micro-letters have now become a part of our lives, whether it is the usual boring chat, or the work of the transmission of documents without the help of micro-letter, so the micro-letter for our daily life has played a great role, which also faces to a problem is, once the chat record deleted, Micro-letter transmission of those important documents are also deleted, so this is a very inconvenient thing for us, today Small series for everyone recommend a software, day Shield Apple mobile phone data recovery software, can quickly help us find missing important documents, Following the small series together to see the day Shield micro-letter chat record recovery Software Tutorial introduction.

In general, our micro-letter voice chat record is stored in the "tencent/micromsg/****" directory with a long string of characters as the filename.

After you double-click into the folder, locate the Voice folder and copy it to your computer for a successful backup.

If you want to export a micro-letter text chat record, you need to root the phone processing, find the DATADATACOM.TENCENT.MMMICROMSG folder, and then export it, copied to the computer or other storage devices.

Then you can use the day Shield micro-letter chat record recovery software to extract the micro-mail chat record recovery, the following steps:

1. After downloading and installing a good day Shield micro-letter chat record recovery software, double-click to open the software.

In the "Open micro-record" window, select "Android version of the micro-letter", and then click "Browse" Enter the data directory and resource directory, the data directory is the exported "micromsg" folder, the resource directory is the "Voice" folder. Click "Read Data", the interface will show on the phone on the use of the micro-signal, click the Select want to restore the chat record micro-signal, and then click "View Record."

2, on the left side of the interface will show the micro-signal chat record, but at this time the display is not deleted chat records, so, want to restore deleted micro-letter chat records, click on the top of the "scan delete chat record", and then click "OK"

3, after the scan results come out, click OK to all of its successful recovery.

This tutorial is necessary for the micro-credit enthusiasts, but everyone should not be a key point, that is, once the version of the micro-letter deleted, those before the chat record will disappear, so everyone's most insurance practices or at any time to back up important documents, so there will be no loss!

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