Tip: Windows Server 2012&R2 WiFi Cannot connect issues

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Due to the recent long hours of overtime, prepared documents are not timely issued, but also hope forgive me! Recently I will personally before the server, Dell workstations and other devices, the new into hyperspace oxygen workstation for daily testing, after installing the Windows Server 2012R2 operating system found whether I use a USB external wireless card or PCI-E wireless card, There is always no WiFi icon displayed. Back again and again thought to find it seems so many workstations only this one has this problem, web-browsing found that the number of people asked the question of a minority, and then issued to explain:

The Wireless LAN service is a feature in Windows Server 2008, R2, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 that enables the wireless WLAN AutoConfig service and configures WLAN AutoConfig to start automatically. Once enabled, WLAN Auto-configuration dynamically selects the wireless network that the computer will automatically connect to and configures the necessary settings on the wireless network adapter. This includes automatically selecting and connecting to the network when a more appropriate wireless network appears.

Wireless LAN Service and WLAN AutoConfig service

The wireless LAN service configures the WLAN AutoConfig service to start automatically, regardless of whether any IEEE 802.11 wireless adapters are installed on the computer. When enabled, WLAN AutoConfig enumerates each wireless network adapter installed on the computer and manages the IEEE 802.11 wireless connection and wireless connection profiles that contain the settings that are required to configure the wireless client to connect to the wireless network. WLAN AutoConfig allows you to connect to an existing wireless network, change wireless network connection settings, configure a connection to a new wireless network, and specify a preferred wireless network. WLAN AutoConfig can also notify you when a new wireless network is available. When you switch wireless networks, WLAN Auto-configuration automatically updates your wireless network adapter settings to match the settings of the new network and attempts to connect to the network.

If you are connecting to a wireless network for the first time, WLAN AutoConfig configures the basic network settings (if the service is enabled). However, if the wireless network (IEEE 802.11) policy in Active Directory does not automatically configure other settings for your account (such as data encryption type or network key), you may need to configure these settings. You may also need to request account permissions from your network administrator.

Operation Method:

Open Server Manager-add roles and Features-Add feature module "Wireless LAN Service"--restart workstation as prompted!

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The long-lost WiFi icon comes out! Share as a small skill to everyone!

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Tip: Windows Server 2012&R2 WiFi Cannot connect issues

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