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When you use PowerPoint to make slides, you experience problems like this: an illustrated slide, the left is the picture, the right is the description of text, too much text content, can not be all show, or, for example, the product demo, divided into several pages, turned over very inconvenient, put on a page and subject to the limitations of the layout, can't accommodate ... In fact, you can use the "Control Toolbox" to solve, specifically implemented as follows:

1. Create a new slide and select the layout you want.

2. Open the Control Box Toolbox

Click the View]→[Toolbar]→[Control Toolbox, or right-click any toolbar or menu bar and select Control Toolbox.

3. Insert the text box control

Select the text box option in the Control Toolbox (Figure 1), and hold down the left mouse button in the edit area to drag out a text box, adjusting position and size.

4. Set the text Box property

Right-click on the text box, select Properties, eject the Text Box Properties window (Figure 2), and set some properties of the text box in the Properties window. which

EnterKeyBehavior property: Allows to use the ENTER key to wrap when set to true.

Multiline property: Allows multiple lines of text to be entered when set to true.

ScrollBars property: Use the scroll bar to display multiple lines of text, where 1-fmscrollbarshorzontal is a horizontal scroll bar; 2-fmscrollbarsvertical is a vertical scroll bar; 3- fmScrollBarsBoth is present for both horizontal and vertical scroll bars. When text is not outside the text box, the scrollbar setting is not valid, and when the text is outside the text box, a drag scroll bar appears (Figure 3).

Other properties can be set according to individual needs, such as BackColor used to set the background color of text boxes, textalign to set text alignment, and so on.

To implement the control of the scroll bar on text, you must set the EnterKeyBehavior property to the True,multiline property to True and set the ScrollBars property on demand.

5. Enter text box content

Right-click Text box, select [Text Box Object]→[edit] (Figure 4) to enter text content, or press [Ctrl + V] to copy text from the Clipboard to the text box.

6. After the text is edited, leave the edit state at any point outside the text box.

At this point, the text box where a text can be dragged up and down with the scroll bar is complete.

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