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Maxthon2 is the current well-known IE Shell browser, with a large number of users, and the reason is that the software provides a large number of user-friendly functions. Today, I would like to share some of the daily use of the accumulated experience and operation tips, an efficient use of Maxthon2.

First, cancel the detection update accelerated start

By default, Maxthon2 automatically detects a new version every time it starts, which in turn affects the browser's startup speed and efficiency. It is recommended that users cancel any unnecessary "tricks" in the startup process: Go to the "Pride Center" page, switch to "General Options", and cancel the "check version update at startup" option.

Second, improve efficiency URL Quick Login

For the friends who often surf the internet, some websites may need to log in frequently, such as stock Query Web site, Mailbox server website, etc., but the website that needs to be repeatedly logged in frequently is especially troublesome.

In fact, we can do it much simpler. Enter the "AO Set Center/web site Navigation", followed by the "shortcut Keys" in which the f1-f12 each of the 12 shortcut keys automatically match a URL, such as the F1 shortcut keys automatically match for, F2 matching for and so on. In this way, as soon as you press the corresponding shortcut key, you can quickly achieve a common URL of a key fast login (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Third, the clever collection of beauty map click

Every time the user browse to a beautifully crafted Web page, there must be a large number of exquisite and chic pictures for landscaping embellishment, users can then be their favorite picture one by one to save, so you can prepare for a rainy time.

It's especially easy to save a page image in Maxthon2 enter the "Swim Center" of the "floating button", and then select the "click on the image to hold down the CTRL key to quickly save the image" option, so that users in the future as long as the CTRL key while clicking on the page need to save the picture link, Maxthon2 automatically saves the picture to the specified location. Alternatively, the user can specify the path to the default save page picture in the software.

Four, the page navigation custom Perfect homepage

such as Hao123 Web site Navigation page is not unfamiliar to us, in fact, in Maxthon2, users can also customize their own web site Navigation page. First put the common Web pages that you need to log on frequently in the same folder, then go to "General Options" in the Setup center, select the "open the specified folder in Favorites" option at startup, and then import the folder that contains the favorite Web pages into the software, and then click the Apply button. This will automatically open the Web site Navigation page that Maxthon2 each time it starts.

V. Backup settings Offsite synchronization update

Maxthon2 provides a number of details of the feature settings, through these thoughtful settings, users can be more efficient and effective utility software. But if a user uses Maxthon2 on another computer, how can you quickly "restore" a user's set of features?

Here the user can use Maxthon2 to set up the backup upload/download function to solve the setting synchronization problem: The preferred user needs to sign up for a "proud tour" account and log on to the "proud tour" with his or her own account, then execute the "file/upload/download user data" option in the menu, and the software will pop up a dialog box ( As shown in Figure 2, in this dialog box, users can be based on the needs of the browser settings, proxy server data, smart filling data and Web content filtering data, and so on, and then click "Upload." In this way, when users want to "restore" the Maxthon2 feature settings, as long as the same "proud tour" account Login to "Proud Tour", and then also in the "Upload/Download User Data" dialog box "Download" Proud browser settings can be.

Figure 2

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