Tips for quickly importing data from the Web into a wps table

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Used to find information on the Internet, friends know, often to copy content to the local, if only the article, I believe many friends know how to operate, but if the form of information you want to copy to the form of documents, how to do? The following small series to tell you how to import the data on the Web into the WPS table.

A new text document, named "Student participation information. txt".

1, select the relevant information replication.


2, paste in the text document.


3, go back to the website, go to the next page, copy the relevant information, and then paste in the text document.

4, repeat the above operation until all the information is pasted into the text document.

5, save the text document.

Second, import the text document into the WPS form.

1, new WPS form, named "Student participation information. ET".

2, the implementation of "data" → "Import data", in the pop-up dialog box click "Select Data Source" or "next".

Import data

3, in the new pop-up interface to locate the "Student entry information. txt", open.

4, in the pop-up "file Conversion" interface, click Next.

File conversions

5, in the Pop-up Text Import Wizard-3 Steps 1 dialog box, select the separator symbol (D).


6, in the Pop-up Text Import Wizard-3 Steps 2 dialog box, select the appropriate separator symbol, in this case, select "Space" and click Next.


7. Click Finish in the Pop-up Text Import Wizard-3 Steps 3 dialog box. At this point, the student entry information is imported into the spreadsheet.

The above is the way to import data from the Web into the WPS table. You may find it very complicated from the above content, but as long as you follow the small series of methods to introduce the method to operate, you will find this method than the manual to enter a lot faster.

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