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After editing the document, will often find that some of the content to be deleted, but to the content of the column, each deletion should be a delete, too waste of time, with WPS can easily put those ranked number, suddenly deleted. The following small series on the demonstration for everyone to see.

Online search of an NBA efficiency value of the former hundred rankings, good information, immediately put it down to their computer to save up. (as shown below) but I'm not interested in the list, as long as I get into the hundred, from the top three of Jordan O ' Neill Robinson to the last Jones in my opinion is as good. So I decided to delete the position, leaving only the player names. I wrote the procedure below, and I'll know what to do with a similar file later.


The list on the forum is a bit messy, and I don't want the place in front.

Open the WPS text, create a blank page, copy the list, the list of the lines on their own alignment.

After copying and pasting, the list is automatically aligned.

Press the ALT key and move the cursor to the top of the list in the first row, that is, Jordan's ranking "1" before, from "1" to start down the selection, has been selected to "99", release the ALT key, and then click the right mouse button, select "Cut" command, the ranking was deleted (directly with the Bankspace key can only delete "99" A number). As for Jones's position of "100", I tried to choose it together, but this will result in the number of players in the name of the first letter is also selected, so select it alone to delete the line.

Why not go from "1" to "100"? This is because the byte difference between the upper and lower two data cannot exceed the number of units in the vertical selection of WPS. That is, we can only choose from 1 to 99, or from 10 to 100, or WPS will be the following text also selected. However, if we leave a space between the top 9 players and their names, we can choose from "1" to "100".

1: from 1 digits selected to 2 digits, everything is normal.

2: from 2 digits selected to 3 digits, everything is normal.

3: from 1 digits to 3-digit full selection, 1-digit back text is also selected.

4: In the 1-digit position and text left a space after the full election, all normal.

Remember the vertical selection: "Alt" key. Instead of working on lists, portrait selection is also a useful feature when editing text converted from tables.

Point, capitalize the first letter of the sentence

Use WPS input in English, each paragraph of the first letter of the sentence will automatically become uppercase, think this is a good function. But sometimes I don't want to capitalize the first letter of the sentence, so I need to turn off this feature.

From the toolbar, go to the Options dialog box in the Tools Drop-down menu, find the Edit tab with an AutoCorrect option group, and the first option is "automatically capitalize the first letter of the sentence as you type", which is the switch to capitalize the first letter of the sentence. Click on the check box to open the first letter capital function, the other is closed.

Use key combinations to quickly switch between document tags

I prefer the WPS Text tab File Open way: In a WPS Word program can open several documents, so that the taskbar looks a lot cleaner, but also to avoid windows too much caused by window cascade. However, when switching between documents, moving the mouse back and forth is a waste of time, and sometimes accidentally two consecutive points, but also to turn off the document. At this point, the fast switching function is very useful.

The implementation of fast document switching is achieved by combining keys, open multiple windows, press, the label will switch from the current document right to the left, switch to the leftmost document, will automatically jump back to the rightmost.

Note that when you press the combination key, you must press Ctrl and then press TAB, or the computer will assume that you want to indent the operation. In addition, if you press the key combination, the document label will be constantly switching, fast to people can not see their names, so it is best to press once.

Personally feel the combination of keys for opening the document at the same time in the 10 below the task window, if you open more than 10 documents, then use the mouse to point it.

In WPS, there is no more convenient way to insert a picture than to drag it directly. Whether in text, a table, or a demo component, open the folder that contains the picture, drag it into the WPS with the picture you want in the mouse, and then point the mouse pointer at the place where you want to place the picture and let the picture go.

Above is how the WPS text in the number of places to delete the method, "Alt" and shear key of the mutual cooperation, you can quickly erase. And in the WPS "ALT" key is useful, not only can easily delete the ranking number, but also to the table into the text is a very useful function keys.

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