Tips for summing rows or columns of data in a WPS table

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I believe everyone in the production table, will encounter to the table of the sum of data calculation, WPS table to provide users with the function of formula calculation, and summation is one of them. The following small series for you to introduce the WPS table how quickly and.

Box selected A.b.c.d four lattice, after the selection, with the mouse cursor to find the toolbar sum button "∑", click and appear in D lattice. This is the sum of the lines, the same, in the column summation also according to this method operation: Box select 1,2,3,4 ... Finally leave a space, press the sum button will result.


Add: In your box selection, the status bar in the table (bottom line) will have you box selection of the "sum" hint: The format is: sum =?

Oh, the use of automatic sum button is more convenient, if you do not use this method, you will be using the sum formula, is more troublesome. You need to enter formulas in the formula bar or cell: The format is: =a#+b#+c# ... (where the # number is the number of cases).

Quadrature is not automatic, you must enter the formula, such as: =a#*b#*c# ..., (where # is the number of cases).

For example, let's say: you want to ask A1 to A20 and, you can first box A1 to A21, press the Sum button, and then no matter what you enter A1 to A20 these 20 cells in what values, in the A21 cell will automatically appear their sum. This is the sum of the column, the same in the line, I do not say more.

What if the requested and not in a row (or column)? That is the radio requirements and the cell, such as A1 B2 C3 D4 operation method is: First select A1, hold down the CTRL key, select B2, the same in the C3 D4 the final cursor placed in the requirements and results of the space, press the sum button ∑ can be.

The above is the method of quick summation in the WPS table. Just select the row or column that contains the data you want to sum, and leave a space behind. Then it's the formula for the sum, but there's no automatic summation in the WPS table, so be sure to enter the summation formula manually.

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