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Compared to the 360 browser, Google browser, Taobao browser users are not much, but if you like Taobao, small series suggest you download Taobao browser use, enjoy different Taobao experience. So Taobao browser How to use the shortcut function area? The shortcut function area has the Account Association entrance, the backward advance closes refreshes the homepage restores and the collection shortcut key as well as the address bar, below and the small set together to see these shortcut function area specifically how uses.

Taobao browser using shortcut keys

Taobao Browser using the shortcut Ribbon method:

The left-most circular icon is the "Account Association entrance" of Taobao's browser, where you can associate your own Taobao account with the browser.

The most direct consequence is that later visit Taobao Web site to achieve free login, saving valuable 10 seconds.

Do not know how to set up Taobao browser one-click friends can click: Taobao browser how a key login account.

Along the right side is "back" "Forward" "Close" "Refresh" "Home" "Recover" and "collection."

Below a brief introduction: "Back" and "forward" do not have to say it, you can access the page to switch back and forth;

"Off" is when you don't want the boss behind you to find out what you're looking at (this method is slower than the [boss key], faster than putting the monitor down);

"Refresh" is to reload the Web page, for example, when you grab a train ticket, you can brush the latest ticket information;

"Home" is the first time you open the browser to see the page, this can be customized, I generally is the weather forecast;

"Restore" is to reopen closed or mistakenly closed pages;

"Collection" You can often visit the site or page to add in, save the trouble of knocking on the Web site every time, the most commonly used URLs are worth you to put them in the browser menu bar under the word line!

Then along the right is Taobao browser "Address bar", "trustworthy" means that the current Web site or Web page through a trusted site verification.

If not "trustworthy" should pay special attention to, it is best not to do shopping/payment/Important account login and other operations, the middle of a large space is used to display the "Current URL", a good memory of students can manually enter the Web site to achieve access each time;

The back of a "lightning icon" or "IE Icon", can be in the speed and IE compatibility mode switch, generally do not pipe it, do web design aggrieved, and sometimes need to switch back and forth to see if their pages are normal;

The pattern selection is followed by the Favorites Drop-down menu and the Refresh button!

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