Tips for using the Win 7 command prompt

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One, the command prompt is also transparent (do not recommend this action)

Today is the win 7 era, command prompt to keep up with the pace of the times. How to keep up with it? Very simple, let it be transparent! All we need is a small software glass_cmd to achieve a transparent effect at the command prompt. Download good software, double-click Glass_cmd.exe, and then open CMD will find that the window is transparent, it is worth noting that the use of the time it is best to "screen background" changed back to the default black, text also changed back to White. In addition, this translucent background color is consistent with your system window's border hue, and if you find that the text and background colors are too close, you can follow the steps below to make your changes.

Command prompt left-click Select attribute

Color labels, make changes to the items in the following picture box, and bring up the font color for your computer

Open Command Window at designated place

When we change the file path, we often use the "CD file path" command. If you want to go to a deeper folder, it is obviously inconvenient to remember the folder name at each level. In this case, there is actually a shortcut to go. First, under Windows Explorer, locate the folder you want to enter, and then hold down the SHIFT key and right-click the folder, and the right-click menu will have an extra "open command Window Here" and click on it to directly open the Command window under the corresponding path. If you need administrator privileges to operate under this folder, you will need to hold down CTRL and shift simultaneously to open the right-click menu.

Third, repeat the previous order

In cmd, we can use F3 to repeat the previous command; F1 repetition by character; F2 quickly repeats to the specified character position. That might be a bit abstract, let's use examples to illustrate everything.

First enter the command "CD C:/Program Files/tweakcube3", the next time you want to enter, press F3 is to repeat the "CD c:/program files/tweakcube3" command; press F1 to repeat characters by character; F2 is quickly repeated to the character you need before.

When you press F2 to appear in the previous Diagram window, and then press a character in the command, you will repeat a command before that character. If you have more than one same letter, it will start at the far left, repeat F2 and the letter will repeat right in turn.

Quick repetition of arbitrary commands

This is an extension of the previous article. If you want to re-enter a string of commands you have entered, you can press the arrow keys [up] and [down] to find the commands you have entered, and if you've entered a number of commands that are more difficult to find, you can also press F7 to list all the command histories you have entered.

Five, rename the window

When you open multiple command line windows, the appropriate renaming can help you to distinguish the windows, the method is simple, enter the title window name (not including quotes), return.

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