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Windows 7 Safe Mode entry is similar to Windows XP operation, press the F8 key before entering the Windows System splash screen, and then select Safe Mode login in the System boot menu. In safe mode, it is possible to operate in normal mode, this article introduces nine common repair techniques.

The security mode of Windows is to troubleshoot and repair after logging into this mode when the operating system is abnormal, in which case the system will only start the underlying service, the other applications will not start, and the user can easily troubleshoot the system. Windows 7 Safe Mode entry is similar to Windows XP operation, the boot before entering the Windows System Boot screen press F8 key, then the System boot menu, select Safe Mode login can enter.

1. Delete Stubborn documents

When you delete some files in normal Windows mode or when you purge the Recycle Bin, the system may be prompted to "file is in use and cannot be removed", and we can delete it in safe mode. Because in safe mode, Windows automatically frees up control over these files.

2. System Restore in Safe mode

If your computer doesn't start now and can only go into safe mode, then you can restore the system in Safe mode. After entering safe mode, click "Start" → "All Programs" → "Accessories" → "System Tools" → "System Restore", open the System Restore Wizard, and then select the "Restore my Computer to an earlier time" option, click the "Next" button, click the date on the calendar to select the System Restore point, click " The Next button is available for System Restore.

3. Virus killing in Safe mode

Now anti-virus software update speed has not been able to keep up with the pace of the virus, slightly inattentive to your computer will be infected with the virus. But in Windows antivirus there are many viruses can not be removed, and in DOS antivirus software can not run. This time we can start Safe mode, the Windows system will only load the necessary drivers, so that the virus can be completely removed.

4. Unlock Group Policy in Safe mode

In fact, Group Policy restrictions in Windows are implemented by loading registry-specific key values, and this restriction is not loaded in safe mode. After rebooting, hold down the F8 key and select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" in the Open Multiple Boot menu window. After entering the desktop, at the start of the command prompt input "C:windowssystem32xxx.exe (you start the program)", start the console, and then the operation can be lifted, and finally restart the normal login system can unlock.

Note: Many of the Group Policy restrictions in Safe mode can not be effective, if you encounter the restrictions can not be lifted, you may wish to enter the next search for solutions.

5, repair system failure

If Windows is running unstable or does not start properly, then do not focus on the system, try to restart the computer and switch to Safe mode to boot, and then restart the computer, the system has returned to normal? This method works well if a system failure is caused by a problem with the registry Because Windows automatically fixes the registry problem when it starts in safe mode, and when you start Windows successfully in Safe mode, you can normally start under normal mode (normal).

6. Restore System Setup

If the user is installing new software or has changed some settings, causes the system not to start normally, also needs to enter the safe mode to solve, if is installs the new software to cause, please uninstall the software in the Safe mode, if is changes some settings, for example displays the resolution setting to exceed the display scope, causes the black screen, Then enter safe mode can be changed back, and the screen saver with a password on the "Boot" menu, forget the password, resulting in the operation of the computer does not work, you can enter the Safe mode changes.

7. Find out a malicious self-starter program or service

If the computer appears some of the wrong, such as not on the net, according to the conventional thinking and no problem, you can start to the Safe mode with network connection to see, if here can, it is some from the start of the program or services affect the normal network connection.

8, the detection of incompatible hardware

XP because of the use of digital signature driver mode, the detection of a variety of hardware is also stricter than before, so some devices may not be in the normal state of drive to use. If you find that XP does not recognize the hardware in normal mode, you can press F8 at startup and then enter Safe mode to detect new hardware in Safe mode.

9, uninstall the incorrect driver

The general driver, if not applicable to your hardware, can be uninstalled via XP driver. However, the graphics card and hard drive IDE driver, if installed incorrectly, it is possible to enter the GUI interface on the crash; some motherboard ULTRADMA patches are the same, because Windows is ready to read memory and disk paging files to adjust the state of the computer, so hard drive a problem immediately the system crashes. What do we do now?

In some cases, disabling the administrator account can cause maintenance difficulties. For example, in a domain environment, when the secure channel used to establish a connection fails for some reason, if there are no other local administrator accounts, you must restart the computer in Safe mode to fix the problem that caused the connection state to be interrupted.

If you attempt to re-enable an administrator account that is disabled, but the current administrator password does not meet the password requirements, you cannot re-enable the account. In this case, the optional members of the Administrators group must set the password for the administrator account through the Local Users and Groups user interface.

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