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Some of the following tips, although help to improve the site exposure, but the content of a Web site is to attract the most basic elements of the crowd, we remember, remember!

  title must not be less

Each page of the site should be labeled title, only on the homepage to mark is not enough. The title> is also one of the key search engines such as AltaVista, InfoSeek, Excite, Lycos and so on for Full-text search. The syntax of the title> is as follows:

Title>a Simpe HTML example

For example, there is an Internet age Web site that includes software referrals, HTML teaching, jokes, and web news, which can be written like this:

Title>internet age-Software Referral (softwares), Internet age-html Teaching (teaching), Internet age-jokes (jokes), Internet age-Network News title>

   inclusion of keywords in the meta> content

In addition to the title>, the meta> is also the range of search engines searches for many full-text searches. The meta> usually contains information related to the station, including copyright, station name, producer, last updated date and so on. In the browser browsing process, and will not be displayed on the screen. It is best to include all the keywords on the website in the meta>.

Take the homepage of the automobile as an example, because the content is the related credit of all automobiles, so all the words related to the car are included in the Meta>tag:

Meta content= "automotive,cars,racing, Parts,automotive,cars, Porsche, Audi,dealers, dealerships, Lambourghini, Toyota,nissan, racing, Cars "name=" Keywords "

   keywords to use the public number (Plural Form)

When we write the tag of the title> or the meta>, those keywords best use the number (Pluralfrom is the plus s). Suppose your keyword is dealer, others search engines searching for dealers will not find you, if you use dealers, others, whether with dealer or dealers can search your Web page.

   Big Siege Registration search engines

Some search engines will not send robot to collect information on the Internet, all of which are from other people's registers such as starting point (, www yellowpages ( Directories) and so on, so it is best to all search engines do not let go. When we register search engines, we recommend that every page be registered except the homepage of the website.

Remind everyone before registering, don't forget to add ' back to Home ' link icon on each page. Let some users enter through the ' side door ' can have the pipeline back to the first page.

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