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1. Switch settings

The switch port is configured to 100M full duplex, the server installs an Intel 100M EISA network card, the speed becomes extremely slow when the heavy traffic load transmits data, finally discovers this network card does not support Full-duplex. The failure disappears after changing the switch port to Half-duplex. This means that the switch port and network card speed and duplex must be the same. At present, there are many adaptive network cards and switches, because the brand is inconsistent, often can not correctly achieve Full-duplex mode, only manual mandatory settings to solve.

2. Twisted-pair line sequence

The distance between the server and the switch from 5 meters to 60 meters, the result is not connected anyway, why? Ethernet generally uses two pairs of twisted-pair lines, arranged in 1, 2, 3, 6 position, if the use is not two pairs of lines, but the original pair using the line used separately, will form winding, resulting in a larger crosstalk ( NEXT), which affects network performance. The reason for this failure is that 3, 6 do not use the pairing line, in the case of long distance from the connection. After RJ45 the head back to the line, everything returned to normal.

3. Network and hard disk

The bottleneck of the network based on file access and printing is the speed of the server hard disk, so configuring the server hard disk has a decisive effect on the performance of the network. Here are a few comments to make for your reference:

Choose SCSI interface and high speed hard drive. The hard disk array card can greatly improve the read and write performance and security of hard disk, and it is recommended to choose.

Do not make a low-speed SCSI device (such as a CD) share the same SCSI channel as your hard disk.

4. Network segment and Flow

A server, there are two of files read and write very frequently workstation, when the server only installed a network card, the formation of a separate network segment, the network segment of all the equipment response is very slow, when the server installed two network cards, the formation of two network segments, the two files read and write extremely frequent workstations are connected in different network segments, The response speed of all the devices in the network has increased significantly. This is because the increased network segments share the original more concentrated data flow, thus increasing the network response speed.

5. Bridging and routing

Install a set of microwave networking equipment, the Internet debugging when the server always prompts the current network segment number should be the other side of the network segment number. When the server's network segment number is changed to the same as the other, the server's alarm disappears. Ah! Originally this is a set of bridge-type equipment. Later, with another site to install microwave networking equipment, exchange with another manufacturer's products, and then connect, the two sides of the network section number to the same, can be installed after the device, the server again appeared the alarm: the current routing error. After modifying the network segment on one side, the alarm disappeared. Obviously this is a set of devices with a routing nature. The bridge is characterized by the same network segment, and the route must be on a different network segment.

6. Broadcast interference

The above two terminals connected by bridging equipment connect each other with a set of application software for sending information by radio. When they are running at the same time, both sides of the server will issue an alert: the incomplete package received. This alarm disappears after a set of application software is transferred to another network segment. This is because the broadcast of the network is unrestricted on the same network segment. Two of broadcasts generated mutual interference to generate alarms. And after moving an application to another network segment, it is equivalent to the broadcast of the network segment and the broadcast on the other network set the route, which limits the broadcast interference, which is the most important role of the router.

7.WAN and grounding

The power of the router is not intended to plug in the mains socket, the result of 64K DDN is not unicom. The Telecommunications bureau to check the line is very normal, and finally check the power of the router grounding voltage, found wrong, switch back to the UPS socket, everything back to normal.

The power plug of the router is broken, which causes the packet to be lost frequently, and when the ping is connected, the time is good or bad. Everything is OK after replacing the power cord. WAN connection because of the remote line, so for grounding requirements more stringent, to ensure strong anti-interference, to achieve the specified connection rate, otherwise there will be strange fault.

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