Tizen SDK Installation and Use (2)-Introduction to the tizen Platform

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Tizen platform Introduction

The tizen platform provides a standard software platform for many devices. Here we will describe the tizen software platform architecture, which only includes the support for smartphones and tablets. The architecture description for other device types will be defined soon. The tizen software platform supports Web applications and provides rich APIs for Web application development.

Describes the tizen Platform Architecture for smartphones and tablets. It consists of three layers: application layer, core layer and kernel.

The Application Layer)

The tizen application layer is composed of web programs. The tizen web application fully reflects the advantages of the tizen platform, and its performance is no less than that of local programs.

The core layer)

The core layer consists of tizenapi and tizen core service.

Tizen API

The tizen web program will be developed by the web API provided by tizen. The tizen web API consists of W3C (HTML5 and other), khronos webgl and the newly defined platform API.

Tizen core serviceapplication framework

Application Framework provides program management, including starting an application by using a package name, Uri, or MIME type, or starting a predefined service, such as a system dialup program. It can also notify applications such as low memory, low power, screen rotation and other system events.


Base includes basic libraries that are important to Linux and have key features, such as databases, internationalization, XML, and other components.


Connectivity includes all network-related functions, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, htttp, and NFC. Data communication is based on connman, which provides basic connection management for 3G and Wi-Fi.

Graphics and UI

Graphics and UI are composed of system drawing components and UIS, including EFL (enlightenment Foundation libraries), X11-based window management system, input, and OpenGL. Core Drawing Component Library eel

You can easily draw the UI, which allows you to create 3D images, and also contains the Evas canvas api library and basic control library.


Location Service (lbs) provides location information, Geographic Information encoding, satellite information, and GPS status. Location service is based on geoclue. geoclue supports GPS, WPS (Wi-Fi positioning), and base station and sensor positioning.


SMS components include SMS, MMS, email, and Im.


Multimedia is based on gstreamer. It supports audio, video, images, and IP phones, and provides content management for multimedia metadata files.

Pim (personal information management)

Pim refers to the management of users' personal information, including calendar, contacts, plans and other data content (such as device location and network information ).


Security management is responsible for managing the security mechanisms of the entire system. It consists of a large number of platform security control mechanisms, such as Access Control, authentication management, and program Security publishing mechanisms.

  • System management includes the management of systems and peripherals, including:

    . Obtain a device, such as a sensor, display, or vibrator.

    . Power management, such as LCD display brightness control and program sleep.

    Monitor devices and management events, such as USB, MMS, charger, and headset.

    . System upgrade.

    . Mobile device management

  • The telephone includes the call function for interaction with the modem:

    . Data management for UMTS and CDMA calls or non-calls

    Manage the datagram and network status of UMTS and CDMA

    . Text message-related management for UMTS and CDMA

    . Manage SIM card files, contacts, and security

    . Manage the SIM card toolkit service of UMTS


Web provides a complete interface for tizen Web APIs that are particularly optimized for low-power devices. It includes WebKit. WebKit is a layout engine designed to parse web pages for Web browser rendering. It also provides a runtime environment for web programs.

The kernel layer (kernel)

The kernel includes the Linux kernel and related drivers.

Note: This article translated from the official website tizen introduction, the original please refer to: https://developer.tizen.org/documentation

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