To create a SharePoint workflow using Visual STUDIO 2008 BETA2

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A few days ago I learned from Kaneboy that Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Beta 2 and Visual Studio 2008 Team System 2008–team Suite Beta 2 included The latest VSTO 3.0 (Visual Studio Tools for Office), SharePoint workflow projects are also included in VSTO 3.0, and greatly improved the way you debug, "Basically, debugging a SharePoint The workflow method is to press F5 directly "(Kaneboy is coming back from TechReady5)."

This improvement really makes me ecstatic, this period of time is being "attached to the process," the debugging Way of torture, for some reason, the two-time add-on will always cause Visual Studio 2005 crashes.

So, today, try creating a Moss Workflow with Visual Studio 2008 Beta, and see what happens.

1. Create a new project, select Visual C # > Office > 2007 > SharePoint sequential Workflow.

2. The wizard then asks us to enter the name of the workflow and the local site URL for debugging. The name of the workflow entered here is automatically added to Feature.xml and Workflow.xml.

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