To create a stable Maxthon2 that doesn't feign death.

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One, proud Tour 2 suspended death and the reasons for the collapse of the encyclopedia:

1, the Security tool article:

1 Kabbah and N software have compatibility problems, the solution can only change other versions, and as far as possible to add MX to the list (there are other firewalls if you encounter suspended animation can also use this method can effectively reduce the probability of the collapse of death).

2 360 monitoring opening may cause downloads to download things when the download software crashes. (Only under XP, and not everyone will, I personally will not).

2. Input text:

IME is one of the most likely causes of suspended animation, because many input methods do not support 2 of the UI multithreaded function, fortunately, with several major input methods this year to upgrade, these problems are resolved. Of course, you simply do not upgrade or do not change the input method, you can also turn off multithreading to solve this problem.

1) (All old Input method) in the new tab to reopen the input method-this is because the input method does not support multithreading, please upgrade to the latest version of the input method, and confirm that it is compatible with MT2 label multi-threaded.

2 Installation of Violet 5 causes the dialog box to not display the problem on the front end-please upgrade to Violet 6.

3) Violet 6 using transparent effect can lead to multiple threads of suspended animation, please turn off the transparency effect.

4 Pole 5 causes the crash problem--can be upgraded to Pole 6, the UPDATE statement has resolved the compatibility issue with Mt.

5 Sogou 3 update cell thesaurus cause crash problem-this issue can be resolved in the next release.

3, other questions:

1 Web Thunder may lead to suspended animation. (The reason may also be related to the above 360 monitoring) can use the Ayu version of the use of advertising thunder instead.

2) (personal experience) Some large pictures of the site of suspended animation, please clear a cache (in the Web page toolbar in the Purge history), such as the recurrence can be repeated, it is best to install the enhanced features in the ADS filter inside the plug-in, and after installation, click Update.

3 Flash9, there is a version of the flash.ocx problem, causing the browser to crash, the solution is to change the flash9 of the new version.

Second, the Web browsing is not a normal solution Daquan:

1, some web browsing anomalies (such as qzone), and sometimes with anti-virus software monitoring related, please pay attention to adjust the anti-virus software monitoring options.

2, remove the annoyance of the plugin will cause some problems, do not use before the new version out, which features please use other Plug-ins or filter package to achieve.

3, inadvertently open the agent will cause your Web page open problems, often can not open or show pictures, then please close the agent.

4, IDM download software, will result in the AO filtration system failure.

Recommendation of Mt Installation method:

1, New Installation Tour 2

2, after setting up, in the enhanced function to select your commonly used plug-ins, these plug-ins are validated. Personal recommendation of the filter in the plug-in and ViewPage, of course, there is also a adhunter called Whitelister Plug-ins are also very good, you can add tags to the white list. Keep in mind that there is a problem removing trouble, please do not use.

3, download the top sticker in the filter package (if you need to), do not need to use only the plug-in in the Adhunterenhancer to update the FOX rules on it.

4, generally speaking, so you travel 2 more stable, very comfortable to run.

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