To develop an app with Visual Studio code, install Visual Studio Code

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A recent study of Microsoft's ASP. NET new generation product, ASP. Core1.0. First, visual Studio code is a good, powerful, open source editor. Is the editor, not the IDE. It is powerful because he can be said to be a simple IDE, because he contains the debug function. Recently, landlord luck, to Microsoft to work, access to Microsoft's latest resources.

The main reason for this editor is that Microsoft's next-generation product, ASP. NET Core 1.0, is a brand new cross-platform product, about this new product, blogger I wrote a brief introduction, want to understand the please step here: Yplong/p/5731241.html.

Since it's a cross-platform product, it's natural to write code on Windows,mac,linux, and now visual Studio code is such a powerful, open-source cross-platform editor. Download and install it is also very simple, the package is very small. Direct Access URL:

See the section where I marked the red, below the corresponding operating system corresponding version. Or simply click on the link: it will jump directly to the version that works for your operating system:

See, support can only sense the hint, plug-in extension and so on.

Because Bo main dick Silk do Microsoft related project development, can't afford Mac can only use Windows to show you. After installation, the Open interface is Jiangzi:

Okay, we're ready. The next section we will start to write a few simple examples for everyone to learn together.

To develop an app with Visual Studio code, install Visual Studio Code

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