To explain the steps to upgrade the Linux kernel

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The Linux kernel is the core of the system, so upgrading the kernel is a Linux system administrator's basic skills, so I shared the system operational dimension of an article, of course, I have a bit of the source file to do some content of the increase, is the problems encountered and the solution also added, I hope to help you Linux system administrator!

1. Download kernel

The code is as follows:


wget linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-2.6.38.tar.gz ">

Tar zxvf linux-2.6.38.tar.gz

CD linux-2.6.38

2. Download hot core standard configuration file

The code is as follows:

wget Http://

MV Config. config

3. Compiling the kernel

The code is as follows:

Make Menuconfig

Select the load an alternate Configuration File, and then select the just download. Config

In addition, you should specifically select:

1), through make Menuconfig Select the following corresponding options

The code is as follows:

General setup–>

[*] enable deprecated SYSFS features to support old userspace tools

2), modification. Config file

Modify. Config file, config_sysfs_deprecated_v2 the previously commented out

The code is as follows:

CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 changed into config_sysfs_deprecated_v2=y

Note: This is modified because the old version of MKINITRD and its Nash use the old version of the SYSFS path format when the kernel does not have CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 parameters, so that the hard disk information node in the/sys cannot be accessed correctly under the new kernel.

is mainly to solve the "mount:could not find filesystem '/dev/root '" error

The code is as follows:

Make Bzimage

Make modules

Make Modules_install

Make install

4. Extract and modify the kernel

The code is as follows:




CD newinitrd/

Zcat/initrd-2.6.38.img |cpio-i


VI Init[/code]

Find these 2 lines, get rid of 1 lines.

The code is as follows:

echo "Loading Dm-region-hash.ko module"


echo "Loading Dm-region-hash.ko module"


This is mainly to solve: "Insmod:error inserting '/lib/dm-region-hash.ko ':-1 File exists" such a mistake

5. New packaging of the core

The code is as follows:

Find. | Cpio-c-o >/initrd


Gzip-9 < INITRD > initrd-2.6.38img


CP Initrd-2.6.38.img/boot



6. Set boot from new kernel

The code is as follows:


Change the default=1 to Default=0

7. Reboot the system

The code is as follows:


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