To set the formula text wrapping style in Word2010

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Because the formula belongs to an embedded object, it cannot set text wrapping like a picture or clip art so that it can move freely through the Word2010 document. However, the user can place the formula in a text box to indirectly set its text wrapping style, as described in the following steps:

In step 1th, open the Word2010 document window and switch to the Insert Ribbon. Click the text Box button in the Text group, and select the Draw text Box command in the Open Text box panel, as shown in Figure 2011072801.

Figure 2011072801 Selecting the Draw text Box command

Step 2nd, drag the left mouse button in the Word2010 document to draw a text box, and then click the formula control handle to select the formula. Click the cut and Paste commands to move the formula to the text box, respectively, in the Clipboard group in the start Ribbon. Resize the text box to match the size of the formula, as shown in Figure 2011072802.

Figure 2011072802 Moving a formula to a text box

Step 3rd, right-click the border of the text box, and select other layout options in the quick-cut menu that opens, as shown in Figure 2011072803.

Figure 2011072803 Selecting the other Layout Options command

Step 4th, open the Layout dialog box and switch to the Text Wrapping tab. In the Wrapping by list, select any text wrapping other than "inline" (for example, select tight type) and click OK, as shown in Figure 2011072804.

Figure 2011072804 Selecting text wrapping Style

5th, right-click the text box border again and choose Format Shape on the shortcut menu that opens, as shown in Figure 2011072805.

Figure 2011072805 Selecting the Format Shape command

Step 6th, open the Format Shape dialog box and switch to the Line Color tab. Select the Wireless Bar Radio box and click the Close button to suppress the border of the text box so that the text box and the formula are integrated visually, as shown in Figure 2011072806.

Figure 2011072806 Selecting the Wireless Bar Radio box

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