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Recently to parents downloaded a win7 system, and then installed. They soon fell in love with the Win7 system beautiful interface and easy control, will be a lot of Win7 system application techniques, such as using Win7 gadgets easy to see the time difference, with the Win7 calculator to calculate how far the spring festival, with the mouse drag drag and drop quickly arrange Win7 Desktop window ... Really let me Win7 simple convenience and parents of learning ability to admire unceasingly.

Today, Mom and dad to the WIN7 system has new requirements-ask Win7 system in the lower right corner of the time and date display can be added on the "Days", "Morning", "afternoon" This information display? Ah! Of course it's not a problem! I grabbed the mouse ready to start setting, Dad stopped me and said: "You, I come to operate, Learn it fast! "

I told Dad, Win7 's setup is simple: Click on the Win7 desktop in the bottom right corner of the time and date display range, and then click "Change date and Time settings ..." in the "date and Time" Settings window, click "Change Date and time."

Diagram: Changing date and Time settings

In the date and Time Settings panel, tap change calendar settings.

Diagram: Changing calendar settings

Now that we have the custom format panel open in the Win7 system locale and language settings, the Date tab details the format and manner in which the Win7 system appears in the lower-right corner. For example, D and DD for the day m, for the month, Y on behalf of the year, dddd for the week, plus this string of characters, is equal to add the "Days of the Week" display.

Diagram: Custom Format Computer knowledge

We can directly in the current "yy/m/d" directly after the use of typing "dddd", or click on the small triangle from the Drop-down menu to choose their favorite date display format. For example, we set to "yy/m/d dddd", confirm the settings, the Win7 system will appear in the lower right corner of the "Days of the Week" information, very convenient. If you like, you can also set the "dddd" on the left side of the date, very flexible.

Diagram: Add "dddd" to let the Win7 system display "Day of the Week"

If you go back to the previous level, which is the format Settings panel for regional and language, you can see more ready-made formatting choices.

Diagram: Various formatting settings

In the same way, in the custom format panel, you can also make more settings for the display of time in the Time tab, for example, if we want to display the words "Morning" and "PM", we can add the "TT" setting.

Diagram: Time display settings

When the time is set to "TT Hh:mm:ss", the Win7 system appears in the lower-right corner of the current time is the morning or afternoon text display.

Icon: Add "tt", let Win7 system display "Morning" "Afternoon" words

Dad soon set his own ideas Win7 system time and date display format, happy to say to show mom. Watching them this kind of live to learn the old momentum, the heart is really incomparable admiration.

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