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AO 2 as a good browser has a vast number of user groups, its powerful function is to be proud to win countless fans. Users in the use of the process of pride will inevitably encounter some problems, this article will be centralized collation, you can see immediately after the ranks of superior, online more relaxed!

1, proud Tour 2 of the favorites why not with IE sync?

Proud Tour 2 uses the original online collection service system, to ensure that users anywhere, as long as the log on the account can use their own collection. The user's collection is based on the independent storage of the account, and stored in encrypted format, unlike IE, anyone can see, so proud of the collection did not choose to sync with ie.

2. How to use the online collection of proud tour?

Just register for a proud tour account can be used to visit the online collection service, registered address: If you use a public account for a long time, you need to first export the collection by "more actions" under the "Favorites" menu-"Export Favorites"-and then import your favorites after you have logged on to your account. The collection will automatically be saved online, and the next time you log on to another computer, you will be able to see your network collection!

3. How do I lose my favorites?

Whether you use an online collection or not, the most recent favorites update will be saved automatically on your computer. So do not panic when the collection disappears, click the "Restore Favorites" menu item in the "Favorites" menu. In the pop-up dialog you can see the most recently backed up collection, choose a time for the most recent recovery to retrieve the collection.

If you use the online collection is more convenient, not only can restore from the local backup, the network collection also retains your last 15 updates of the backup, direct access to, login to your proud tour account, select the top right corner of the page "restore Collection", Pick one to recover on the line!

For the safety of our collection, we recommend the online collection of proud tour, not only not easily lost, but also can visit anytime and anywhere.

4, why sometimes do not hear the Web page sound?

If the system sound all right, then may be accidentally pressed the 2 quiet button, or the last time you press the mute button to forget to turn off the mute function. Mute function button in the bottom right corner of 2, the shape of a speaker, click this button to screen all the sound of the browser, click again to hear the normal sound.

5, why will often pop-up edit smart form to fill out forms tips?

This is proud to travel automatic filling out the form of the function of the prompt. Select the "Proud Tour Settings Center" menu item in the "Tools" menu to open the Proud tour setting, in the "Smart Fill Out" section, cancel the "Enable form save prompt" check box to cancel the prompt.

6, why the page will automatically fill in the account password?

It may be the automatic completion of IE or the smart form of the tour for you to fill in.

Cancel automatic completion of IE: Select the Internet Options menu item on the Tools menu, switch to the Content tab, go to the AutoComplete settings item, and uncheck the check box for the user name and password on the form. You can click "Delete auto Complete history ..." To delete the account password that has been recorded.

Cancel Proud Tour 2 intelligent filling: Choose the "Tools" menu "proud to set the Center" menu item to open the Proud tour settings, in the "Smart Fill Out" section, cancel the "Automatically fill in the page has saved the form" checkbox check box. You can also find the appropriate form in the Saved form list, click the form, and then click Delete to delete the specific form.

7, proud Tour 2 intelligent filling, online collection and so will reveal user privacy?

No, proud tour of the intelligent filling out, online collection and other user data are encrypted by the user password, in addition to the use of passwords, no one can get information.

The above is for the 2 some hot questions of the answer, if you have more questions, you can go to Proud tour Community post inquiries, there will be a lot of enthusiastic users and responsible moderator to answer your questions!

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