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Introduces a very simple ppt color matching method, the effect is also very good, the operation is simple, but also may expand. First look at an original image:

Operation Steps

This picture gives a very refreshing feeling, just use it. First of all, the color of the heroine is basically composed of three large chunks, skin, hair and clothes, OK, enlarge the picture indefinitely until the color block appears:

This is called "bitmap", the picture is composed of pixels, so it contains a very rich color transition, the next is to suck it with a straw suction, you get the following color combination:

Very rich, any color in fact is not a single existence, the nature of the colors are interdependent, with this method of matching color, quite natural. and inexhaustible.

Incidentally, there is also a way to look at the picture collocation, as follows:

Photo Partial interception Method: You can intercept some small images from the big picture

Here is how to make use of a picture to make a few small map, so that the production of PPT to achieve the unity of style effect.

Do you realize that a lot of detail is hidden in the big picture? For example: A collar, a button or a necklace, split the picture and make full use of every detail, and, even better, the color and texture of the details are inherently unified, making them easily grouped together. Please look at the picture.

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