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Often have netizens in 360 Security browser Encyclopedia complained about how much memory 360SE occupied, and even more than G, in fact, 360SE will not occupy so much memory, may be we set improper.

First step: Optimize 360SE

There are many interface optimization posted on the Internet, I will not say more, suggest:

1. The menu bar retains the "file" view "tool"

2. Standard button Keep "Back" "Home"

3. The address bar retains "address box"

4. Kill the Search bar (reserved by individual use habit)

5. Kill the small toolbar (keep the tool by personal use)

6. Status bar Keep "foreground display" "Ad filter"

Step two: Set the options skillfully

Program behavior: Only check the Display home page

1. General items: Only check "use 360 secure browser as the default browser" "Automatically detect 360 safe browser is the default browser" "Super Safe Mode" "Multi-function Tab" "Show first Page" "" to also external calls do not show the above pages "

2. Label item: Only Check "Double-click the mouse to close the label" "After closing the label automatically move the active label position" "in the blank Right key new label" "Open the maximum number of labels (numerical inductive recommendation 10)

3. Address bar and search bar: Only check "Enable Address bar search" "Show search terms in the search bar"

4. Browse Settings: Check only "prompt when closing multiple browsers" "Foreground display new call page" "title bar displays current label title" "Web site Error friendly prompt" "On the Address bar enter the url" "Home" "Save the last connected Web page connection (the value is set to 20 for people)

5. Privacy protection: Check all items outside of "cookies"

6. Other: Only "ToolTips for toolbar buttons"

Step three: Check "Auto optimize performance"

The above setting is adjusted according to the personal use habit

After the above optimization believe that your 360 browser can also be a hurricane

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